CyberCX partners with The Cyber Scheme in the UK

The Cyber Scheme is a not-for-profit organisation providing examinations and training that aims to develop the skills of the next generation.

Global cybersecurity company CyberCX has partnered with The Cyber Scheme, a not-for-profit UK organisation that provides examinations and training that aims to develop the skills of the next generation of cyber security professionals.

The Cyber Scheme was established in 2013, its main functions include to support, educate, and recruit the new generation of talent with GCHQ/NCSC accredited examinations that meet UK Government Standards in PenetrationTesting.

Their Cyber Scheme's mission is to help sponsors source and train the next generation of cyber security professionals by ensuring that they are ready to work in the industry as well as to develop robust industry standards for ethical security testers.

As a not-for-profit organisation, The Cyber Scheme also provides support to young and vulnerable groups in addition to developing training portals for those from a non-academic background, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to enter the cyber security industry.

The company’s headquarters are based in Gloucestershire, which is on track to become the cyber capital of the UK with the development of Cheltenham's Cyber Park.

There is a huge demand within the cyber industry for talented and qualified individuals and The Cyber Scheme hopes to fill the gap by continuing to develop and providing additional and up to date resources to the platform that is accessible to people from all backgrounds.

CyberCX UK says it is excited about the collaboration with The Cyber Scheme as it hopes to continue to develop and increase the talent pool within the cyber security industry, in addition to providing support to aspiring cyber security professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds to grow their knowledge within the industry and develop their careers in a bid to create an equal workforce.

Charlie O’Connell, UK CEO of CyberCX, says “CyberCX is proud to support The Cyber Scheme’s mission in addressing the current skills gap by providing a new route into the industry. We’re excited to be providing our experience and expertise to support future projects.”

Charles White, Managing Director of The Cyber Scheme adds: “We are delighted that CyberCX will be supporting The Cyber Scheme’s vision for improving the cyber security industry from within.”


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