Learn How CTEM can Upskill Your Cyber Strategy

Having released their Exposure Management Platform in June, the company is well attuned to the current cyber dynamic
Outpost24’s webinar focusing on Continuous Threat Exposure Management has now been made on-demand, offering those who missed it insights on implementing it

In today's demanding threat landscape, staying ahead of potential vulnerabilities is becoming more challenging for organisations worldwide. Not only has the volume of attacks grown, but so has the surface in which they can be levied at.

Recognising this critical need, Outpost24’s recent, insightful webinar focusing on Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) has now been made on-demand, offering those who missed it the chance to gain actionable insights into the new approach.


CTEM, although a newer concept, builds off of previous defence tactics such as exposure management to offer a proactive approach to cybersecurity. So promising is the approach that Gartner identified CTEM as a pivotal trend for 2024.

Insights on demand

Outpost24, a leading Swedish-American cybersecurity firm founded in 2001, delivered deep expertise in threat and exposure management to this webinar. 

A provider of solutions across the cyber field, Outpost24 have previously utilised their solutions to great effect, like using its External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solution Sweepatic to highlight the core security risks with the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

Having released their Exposure Management Platform a month after this on 11 June, the company is well placed to explain to listeners the current dynamics that CTEMs can help deal with. 

Walking through the recent expansions in attack surface management and threat intelligence, and ongoing innovations, Outpost24’s on-demand webinar delivers actionable insights for cybersecurity professionals seeking to enhance their security posture.

On-demand offering
  • 1. Gain actionable insights: Explore practical applications of CTEM and its crucial role in today's security landscape
  • 2. Learn implementable tactics: Discover CTEM strategies focused on addressing evolving threat actor behaviours influencing SecOps teams
  • 3. Threat landscape: Get insights into the latest trends in cybersecurity and threat exposure management
  • 4. Forward thoughts: Get expert predictions on the future of cybersecurity and how to prepare for upcoming challenges

Led by BizClik's Group Content Director Neil Perry, Karl Thedéen, cybersecurity expert at Outpost24, and Martin Jartelius, the company's CISO, offer executive insights into pressing cybersecurity issues and the CTEM strategies to address them effectively.

Karl Thedéen, with over two decades of experience in the software and technology sector, brings a wealth of knowledge from his previous roles as CEO at media technology provider Edgeware AB and networking solution provider Transmode AB. His expertise in business acumen and technological innovation provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of CTEM's strategic importance.

Complementing Thedéen's business perspective, Martin Jartelius offers a deep dive into the technical aspects of CTEM. With 20 years in information security, including extensive experience in vulnerability management and security auditing, Jartelius is uniquely positioned to guide participants through the practical applications of CTEM and its role in maintaining a robust security posture.

Equally, viewers will get a first-hand look at what Outpost24's Exposure Management Platform has to offer and how it works in keeping your attack surface secure, with viewers seeing how it enables all steps of Gartner's CTEM definition: scoping, discovery, prioritisation, validation, and mobilisation.

As cyber threats continue to evolve in complexity and frequency, the importance of continuous vigilance cannot be overstated. 

This on-demand offer gives cybersecurity professionals a unique, consultative-like opportunity  to gain insights from industry leaders and explore cutting-edge tools that can enhance their organisation's security posture, using Outpost24's new CTEM platform as an example.

Access the on-demand webinar now and reshape your approach to cybersecurity with the new CTEM knowledge you’ll learn.


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