Cloud Security Articles

Impact of on-premise to cloud migration on digital forensics

The massive usage of cloud computing gave birth to new problems that require new solutions, such as cloud forensics

How Securonix leverages behavioural analytics technology

We take a look at how Securonix is preparing customers to fight against advanced cyber security risks

How Datadog provides cloud-scale monitoring and security

As security threats are increasingly focused on accessing data through an organisation’s applications, we take a look at how Datadog is preventing this

Cyber resilience in a multi-cloud environment

Client Partner at ISTARI, JD Sherry, explains how cyber breaches will increasingly take advantage of gaps in poorly architected multi-cloud infrastructure

How is Cyren creating internet security for the cloud?

A provider of threat detection and threat intelligence for emerging email, file, and web-based threats, we look at how Cyren is securing the cloud

Creating protection from cyber attacks in a virtual world

Matias Madou, CTO and Co-Founder, Secure Code Warrior discusses how businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks in an increasingly virtual world

Why biometrics are central to secure access control

As our reliance on digital devices rises, businesses must protect themselves from data breaches and biometric authentication could be the solution

How can you optimise your hybrid cloud to suit your needs?

Rob Lamb, Client Principal and CTO UK&I for Dell Technologies, gives an insight into the world of hybrid cloud management