Cloud Security Articles


What ChatGPT Passing an Ethical Hacking Exam Means for Cyber

A study lead by University of Missouri showed Gen AI chatbots like ChatGPT pass a ethical hacking exam in developments that could enhance cybersecurity

IBM & Microsoft Grow Cyber Partnership for Cloud Protection

Both tech giants seek to help clients simplify and modernise their cybersecurity operations and manage and protect their hybrid cloud identities


ManageEngine Reveal Why IT Staff Are Struggling to Apply AI

Although AI has the potential to transform the IT sector, many staff within it are struggling with its implementation


CrowdStrike & HPE: Unifying IT and Security for Secure AI

CrowdStrike and HPE are joining to integrate their Falcon platform and GreenLake cloud and OpsRamp AIOps to give an overview of AI infrastructure


Gigamon Sound Alarm on Cloud Security as Unseen Attacks Soar

Gigamon's latest Hybrid Cloud Security Survey shows unseen cyber attacks have increased 20% year on year


SolarWinds: IT Staff Dubious on Organisation's AI Readiness

A recent trends report by SolarWinds reveals that very few IT professionals are confident in their organisation's readiness to integrate AI


Rapid7 AI Engine Update Sees Gen AI Supporting SOC With MDR

Rapid7's enhanced AI Engine will now use machine learning models and new Gen AI models to separate real attacks from false alarms


OpenText: AI Main Driver of Growth for MSPs & MSSPs

An OpenText survey of MSPs & MSSPs show how AI has overtaken contract flexibility as the main quality requested, and is now the main driver of their growth