Cloud Security Articles

Cloud Security Alliance appoints new Chief Strategy Officer

Troy Leach, data security and standards advocate, will focus on corporate strategy in his new role at the Cloud Security Alliance.

How Rapid7 helps security teams reduce vulnerabilities

As companies move to the cloud, we take a look at Rapid7 and how it is helping businesses improve cloud security to reduce vulnerabilities

Enterprise-wide cyber security in the age of the multicloud

Now that more companies are tweaking platforms to allow for multicloud functionality, we take a look at the benefits, risks and cyber security implications


How secure is sensitive data stored in the cloud?

A Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) survey has found 67% of organisations store sensitive data in public cloud environments, but how secure is it?

Beyond the ‘Metaverse’: Empowerment in a blended reality

The increasingly blended physical and virtual world is rife with inaccurate information. How can the public make sense of manipulated media?

Cloud cyber attacks are maturing faster than expertise

Although companies have had more cyber tools and larger budgets, IT teams were slower to detected emerging threats in 2022 than in 2020, finds Netwrix

11:11 Systems’ Sam Woodcock on cloud migration and security

Sam Woodcock, Senior Director of Cloud Strategy at 11:11 Systems, spoke to Cyber Magazine about the impact of cloud migration on security

Impact of on-premise to cloud migration on digital forensics

The massive usage of cloud computing gave birth to new problems that require new solutions, such as cloud forensics