Darktrace AI offers real-time cyber resilience for cloud

As data breaches and cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, ensuring the safety and integrity of sensitive information has become a top priority
The UK-based cybersecurity company has unveiled a new cloud-native security solution using AI to provider real-time cyber resilience for cloud environment

Cybersecurity leader Darktrace recently unveiled a new Darktrace/Cloud solution based on its self-learning AI.

The new solution aims to provide comprehensive visibility of cloud architectures, real-time cloud-native threat detection and response and prioritised recommendations and actions to help security teams manage misconfigurations and strengthen compliance.

When combined with insight from Darktrace solutions for network, email, apps, zero trust and endpoint, Darktrace/Cloud is designed to offer a deeper, more contextualised understanding of the risks and threats currently facing an organisation's digital estate.

Available via the AWS Marketplace, the new solution will provide real-time cyber resilience for cloud environments so that businesses can easily and quickly act against evolving threats and misconfigurations, strengthening compliance.

Confronting the global cybersecurity landscape

According to a recent report, more than 99% of cloud breaches will be based on a customer error, account takeover or misconfiguration until 2027.

As data breaches and cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, ensuring the safety and integrity of sensitive information has become a top priority. Cloud security inevitably encompasses a broad range of challenges, ranging from protecting data privacy to safeguarding against unauthorised access and defending against vulnerabilities of shared infrastructure.

Given that cloud environments are constantly evolving, Darktrace suggests that security professionals need to increase the level of visibility while keeping up with changing compliance, risk and security requirements. The rise of cloud-native technologies including containers, Kubernetes and microservices also now require new tools and techniques for detecting and responding to both known and new threats.

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Darktrace/Cloud aims to provide complete cyber resilience for multi-cloud environments, going beyond traditional CNAPP offerings by combining the most critical aspects of cloud security into a single AI solution.

“Unlike static cloud security tools that provide snapshots of a specific point in time, Darktrace/Cloud is real-time, all the time. Our Self-Learning AI continuously learns patterns between workloads, assets, policy configurations and identities to provide a dynamic view of cloud architectures. We analyse the entire cloud stack from data to control plane, combining an understanding of architecture and network with a new flexible, scalable deployment model,” said Jack Stockdale, Chief Technology Officer, Darktrace.

“Our innovative approach to cloud security is built on more than a decade of leadership in Cyber AI that is already protecting our customers' critical business areas from network and email to operational technology.”

“Security is job zero”

The new solution offers a broad range of insights, including comprehensive visibility and architecture modelling, which will offer insights into the constantly changing nature of cloud environments. This visibility is constructed dynamically from configuration, network, users and identity and access management (IAM) data. Darktrace establishes patterns of life for cloud resources, identities and services to understand who has access to what and how. This is critical for detecting anomalies and unknown threats.

Additionally, it will provide universal attack path modelling to give a dynamic view of where attackers may look to move next. The company will bring together real-time cloud data and a deep understanding of a company’s cloud environment with a platform approach that offers insight about risks from other covered areas of the business to highlight potential attack paths and prioritise important assets to secure.

It will not only enable unique real-time and cloud-native threat detection and response, but also a prioritised cloud posture management and communication and collaboration capabilities.

Darktrace/Cloud will also offer cost discovery, communication and collaboration capabilities and flexible deployment options. Teams can then use the dynamic architectural view and risk context to decide where to deploy agents for enhanced real-time actions and deeper inspection.

"Security is job zero at AWS," said Paddy Fitzpatrick, Director of Independent Software Vendors, UK & Ireland at Amazon Web Services. "As the threat landscape continues to evolve, the availability of AI-based tools like Darktrace/Cloud on the AWS Marketplace will help customers to gain increased visibility and respond more effectively to security risks and threats."

Darktrace first extended its Cyber AI capabilities to cloud environments in 2016, applying its world class algorithms to granular network traffic. Darktrace/Cloud was also recently named Cloud Security Product of the Year for Large Enterprises by Computing Magazine in its 2023 Cloud Excellence Awards.


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