Coralogix launches Snowbit, a new cybersecurity venture

Coralogix has announced the launch of its venture, Snowbit, that will focus on helping companies protect their public cloud environments from cyberattacks

Data analytics company Coralogix, has launched Snowbit, a cybersecurity venture focused on helping cloud-native companies comprehensively manage the security of their environments.

The new cyber security tool is a SaaS-based managed extended detection and response (MXDR) product designed to give organisations a comprehensive view of their cloud environment's security and compliance (CIS, NIST, SOC, PCI, ISO, HIPAA). Snowbit also offers expert teams 24x7 to accelerate threat remediation.

Effectively securing companies environments

Snowbit's MxDR platform builds on the strengths of the Coralogix data streaming platform. It scans customers' entire cloud environment for abnormal activity, configuration, network, and vulnerability issues. It automates threat detection and incident response leveraging machine learning, an extensive set of pre-configured rules, alerts & dashboards, and support for integration with any orchestration platform.

The MxDR platform is complemented by a team of security analysts, researchers, and DFIR professionals stationed at Snowbit's 24x7 Security Resource Center. 

"Observability forms the bedrock of cybersecurity, and as a result, Snowbit is strategic for Coralogix as it enables us to offer a powerful integrated observability and security proposition to unlock the value of data correlation," said Ariel Assaraf, CEO of Coralogix. "Snowbit's platform and services enable organisations to overcome challenges of cybersecurity talent and disparate tools to more effectively secure their environments."

Addressing security challenges 

Snowbit was founded and led by former Amazon Web Services (AWS) leaders Navdeep Manaktala and Zack Barak

Navdeep Manaktala is a technology industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in building and scaling cloud, mobile, and Internet businesses at companies such as Nokia, Microsoft, and AWS. Zack Barak is a cybersecurity industry veteran with 25+ years of cross-functional experience with Sygnia, Israel Aerospace, Israel Defence Force, and most recently was the CISO of Annapurna Labs (an Amazon company).

"Rapidly accelerating cyberthreats are leaving many organisations exposed and unable to effectively deal with security challenges as they arise,'' said Navdeep Manaktala. "Snowbit aims to address fundamental security-related challenges faced today including growing cloud complexity, increasing sophistication of attacks, lack of in-house cybersecurity expertise, and the overhead of managing multiple point security solutions."


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