Five IT trends your business can't ignore in 2022

National managed service IT Provider Iconic IT's CEO, Mike Fowler, has put together five IT trends he expects to see this year

National managed service IT Provider serving small and medium-sized businesses, Iconic IT, has put together its top five predictions for 2022. 

CEO Mike Fowler says: "Everyone will be scrambling to beef up their remote working capabilities while dodging increasingly sophisticated threats from hackers. Investing wisely will help companies see their way through.

Here's the company's top five predictions for 2022.

Companies will invest more in cybersecurity insurance than ever before

With threats growing, cybersecurity insurance has become a must-have. Expect the market for cyber insurance to grow by $20.4 billion by 2025, with an annual growth rate of 21% percent. More companies will develop C-suite level cybersecurity committees, too.

Cloud based Desktop software like Microsoft's Cloud PC will grow in popularity

According to a recent report from Vision Gain Research, the market for remote-ready, device agnostic cloud desktop tech will double, to $947 billion, by 2026.

Companies of all sizes will rely on SIEM cybersecurity defenses

Cyberthieves are lying in wait in your system for longer, up to 30 to 60 days, before attacking. Security Incident and Event Management software (SIEM) can find their hiding places by looking for the breadcrumbs thieves leave behind in your system. Between 2021 and 2027, the market for SIEM products is predicted to double, to $3.9 billion, according to Valuates Reports.

Mobile devices will become a bigger target for hackers

With more employees than ever working remotely, they're more likely to use poorly protected cell phones and computers on unsecured Wi-Fi. According to Digital Information World, 40 per cent of mobile phones are prone to attack, and in need of better authentications and cybersecurity software.

AI-enabled cybersecurity software will help companies mitigate network threats in their networks, and the Internet of Things

CEPS Task Force Report estimates a growth of 23.6 percent year-over-year growth in the next five years.


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