Fluttr launches first dating app requiring full biometric ID

Fluttr harnesses artificial intelligence driven content monitoring to keep the app ecosystem safe, including AI-powered image moderation

Fluttr says its launched the first dating app requiring the use of  full biometric ID verification technology to improve user safety and security.

The company says it has been designed as a new kind of dating app and online experience that puts real  people, whose identities have been verified, at the heart of the app to prevent commonly seen abuses in the online dating and social landscape where anonymity and a lack of security allow  multiple false identities, catfishing, and romance fraud to proliferate. 

The app launches amid growing awareness of the importance of online safety as Governments move to strengthen laws to stamp out content or activities that harm individual users online.

To combat this growing problem, Fluttr is pioneering the use of biometric ID technology to verify every new member from the outset. Ahead of being admitted into the Fluttr ecosystem to browse or engage with other people, every new member must verify their ID with the apps digital ID verification partner Yoti, a  digital ID services company whose clients include  the NHS, the Post Office, the NUS and other retailers. Yoti’s  technology ensures all users are providing their correct details which are verified from their government-issued ID documents.  

The final identification of every user is verified so that users can be reassured that the  individuals they are meeting on Fluttr are truly who they say they are, avoiding fake profiles created by people to commit abuse or by companies luring customers into false interactions  for fees, while seeking to populate their apps for commercial marketing purposes.  

Rhonda Alexander, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Fluttr, said: “While online  dating is now the most popular way to meet people, fake profiles, romance fraud and instances  of abuse are taking away the fun and thrill of online dating. We’re on a mission to transform  online dating and reclaim its excitement by retaining its fun and engaging parts while working  to make it safer by using biometric ID verification technology that ensures users don’t have to  worry about matching with a fake profile. 

“As well as protecting users from fake profiles, Fluttr uses AI-powered content monitoring  software to prevent unsolicited pictures and abusive language from ever reaching our users’  phones, and fun in-app games to help people connect without using inaccurate matching  algorithms. We look forward to seeing Fluttr help people across Britain find love by making  online dating a safer and more engaging experience for everyone.” 

Robin Tombs, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Yoti, said: “We’re delighted to be  partnering with Fluttr to help people across the world create new relationships safely. Using  our biometric ID verification technology, we’re helping Fluttr protect users from fake profiles  by ensuring every person is who they say they are."


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