Motorola to open a new cybersecurity centre in Quebec

Motorola will be opening a security operation centre to support Canada's first responders in the Ottawa-Gatineau Connexite cybersecurity cluster.

Motorola is opening a new cybersecurity centre to support critical communications networks for Canadian first responders. The centre will be based in Gatineau, Quebec and will reflect Motorola Solutions’ continued investment in managed services, and commitment to help protect Canadian federal, provincial and municipal public safety agencies against cybersecurity threats.

George Krausz, President of Motorola Solutions Canada, said: “We are dedicated to making communities safer and our new network and security operations centre (NSOC) will ensure the integrity of the mission-critical communications technologies trusted by public safety agencies across Canada. The centre will monitor the systems that are relied upon by first responders to help them protect our communities, enterprises and governments. It will be staffed by a team of highly trained engineers who are experts in mission-critical operations and cybersecurity.”

Motorola Solutions’ cybersecurity services provided at the NSOC include 24/7/365 proactive threat detection, vulnerability scanning and assessments, security patching, end-point protection and dark web intelligence services. 

Mark McNulty, Senior Vice President of Global Services, Motorola Solutions said: We’re proud to be opening our ninth operations centre across the world, dedicated to our Canadian customers. We combine state-of-the-art technologies with the industry’s best people and most rigorous practices to ensure the mission-critical operations of the nation’s public safety agencies.”

What will be covered in the centre includes:

  • Land mobile radio (LMR) and LTE networks: Public safety LMR systems and LTE networks are designed to provide resilient, reliable and secure communications every day and during large-scale emergencies such as ice storms or wildfires.
  • Command centre software: Motorola Solutions’ cloud-native, end-to-end public safety software suite, CommandCentral, unifies the flow of data as incidents unfold to provide greater clarity for response and decision making. This includes software for next-gen 9-1-1 call-taking, computer-aided dispatch, records management services, digital evidence management and more.
  • Video security and access control: Fixed and body-worn cameras are built to federal and provincial security guidelines and regulations, and are used by public safety agencies to help keep residents safe.

In-Sec-M, a non-profit organisation that supports the innovation and growth of the cybersecurity industry, is working with Motorola Solutions to announce the opening of its new NSOC in Canada’s cybersecurity cluster.

Antoine Normand, chairman of In-Sec-M said: “As a catalyst for increasing the cohesion and competitiveness of the Canadian cybersecurity industry, we are honoured to welcome Motorola Solutions to the Gatineau Connexit́é cybersecurity cluster. Their networks and technologies are relied upon by first responders, including police, fire and emergency medical services, across the country, and the security of these systems is paramount. They are an integral member of In-Sec-M, who will help promote the innovation and the growth of Canada’s cybersecurity industry."

Connexité – the Gatineau innovation zone – is a collaboration space acting as a catalyst for technological and social innovation in the fields of cybersecurity and digital identity. This is where investors, future entrepreneurs, businesses and the research community meet up, surrounded by high-end infrastructure and expertise, to collaborate on the creation and marketing of innovative technological products




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