Quantum computing companies merge to create Quantinuum

Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum have merged to form Quantinuum, to accelerate the innovation and application of quantum technology.

Two leading companies in the quantum computing industry have combined to create Quantinuum, accelerating the development of quantum computing and innovation of quantum technologies in a platform agnostic manner to deliver real-world quantum enabled solutions for some of the most intractable problems that classic computers have not been able to solve.  

Cambridge Quantum, the pioneer in quantum software, operating systems and cybersecurity, and Honeywell Quantum  Solutions, which has built the highest-performing quantum hardware based on trapped-ion technologies, today  announced they have completed all the necessary steps and therefore combined to form the new company, Quantinuum.  

Ilyas  Khan, CEO of the new company and founder of Cambridge Quantum. says: “Quantinuum is now the largest and most advanced integrated quantum computing company in the world.

“By uniting the best-in-class quantum software  available with the highest performing hardware available, we are uniquely positioned to bring real, quantum computing products and solutions to large, high-growth markets in the near term, the medium term and the longer term as  quantum computers scale in capacity and quality. We are science led and enterprise driven, and our scale and global  presence in this most critical of technologies will provide leadership in each of the key areas that constitute the ‘must  haves’ for quantum computing to deliver real-world solutions to all our customers and partners.” 

Quantinuum will globally launch a quantum cyber security product this month, and later in 2022, an enterprise  software package that applies quantum computing to solve complex scientific problems in pharmaceuticals, material  science, specialty chemicals and agrochemicals. It will also announce major upgrades to the System Model H1 hardware  technologies, powered by Honeywell®, which has the highest measured quantum volume as well as industry  breakthroughs that reduce errors thereby continuing to progress credibly towards the development of a fault-tolerant  quantum system. In this respect, the H-Series quantum computers continue the trend of meeting and exceeding the  deliverables that the company has previously committed to doing as part of its hardware roadmap.

Tony Uttley, President and Chief Operating Officer of Quantinuum adds: “I am thrilled to help lead our new company, which will positively change the world through the application of quantum  computing. Our scientists continue to work hard to develop the best quantum software and hardware technologies  available and I am excited to be able to offer these to customers on an on-going basis.

"The next few weeks and months are going to be extremely active for Quantinuum, as we increase the pace in deriving unique value from today’s quantum computers especially in cyber security. However, in addition to cyber security, our products will include solutions for drug discovery and drug delivery,  materials science, finance, natural language processing, as well as optimization, pattern recognition and supply chain  and logistics management.” 

Quantinuum comes into existence six months after Honeywell announced that Honeywell Quantum Solutions, its  quantum computing division, would separate from the company and combine with Cambridge Quantum. Honeywell will  initially be the largest shareholder of Quantinuum, with an approximately 54 percent ownership stake in the new  company. Additionally, on top of this stake, Honeywell has also invested nearly $300 million in the new venture,  ensuring that Quantinuum is well capitalised at inception. Honeywell will also be a supplier of Quantinuum, supporting  the manufacturing process for the company’s proprietary ion-traps, as well as a customer of Quantinuum on various  projects across its business units. 

Quantinuum has a staff of almost 400 at inception, with offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, and  Germany. Of those employees, approximately 300 are scientists advancing the development of quantum hardware and  software solutions. 

Quantinuum will maintain European headquarters in Cambridge, UK and North American headquarters in Colorado, US.  The company will continue to be entirely platform agnostic in its choice of hardware, to provide total portability to its  clients and ensure the most effective performance for the problems being solved.  


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