Talon Cyber Security: Offering browser-based solutions

Offering a solution to protect against threats posed by distributed work, Talon enables workforce productivity and flexibility alongside cybersecurity

Enterprises are required to protect their resources across different locations, devices, SaaS services, and employment models (such as remote workers accessing company assets). To secure and control this dynamic environment, companies have had to adapt existing security solutions. 

Talon Cyber Security, a pioneer in browser-based cybersecurity solutions for the hybrid workforce, is redefining enterprise cybersecurity by making the browser the organisation's first line of defence. 

Deployed in less than one-hour, Talon provides security leaders with control and visibility into all employee work-related activities across locations, devices and SaaS services. Talon's technology is built with employee-experience and privacy in mind providing a native user experience, on top of enterprise-grade security. 

Offering a secure browser for enterprises 

Talon is mitigating two of the biggest cybersecurity concerns for security leaders operating a modern distributed workforce; ransomware and insider threat. 

In October, Talon launched the first secure browser for enterprises, TalonWork, which enables enterprise companies to effectively manage a hybrid workforce without having to compromise security, employee experience or privacy. In a few clicks, this secure bubble-like workspace can be created on any device, together with its built-in enterprise-grade security that provides advanced data leakage protection and high granularity of control into all web in-app activities.

TalonWork combines advanced data isolation techniques such as screenshot prevention and clipboard restrictions with workspace security including policy enforcements and protection against browser vulnerabilities. TalonWork for Mac was recently released, expanding the coverage of Talon's endpoint agnostic solution. It is already up and running in dozens of companies, including some of the largest employers in the US.

New funding to expand development efforts 

Recently the company has announced funding of US$43mn, adding SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) investments of US$17mn prior to an upcoming A-Round of funding.

Richard Seewald, Founder and Managing Partner at Evolution said: "Enterprises have shifted rapidly to distributed work models and, in the process, have complicated the security stack and altered the cost benefit analysis of legacy solutions. Talon delivers a solution that ameliorates this and enables enterprises to operate a hybrid workforce securely and effectively."

This additional funding is focused on bringing on board top cybersecurity investors that will support Talon's accelerated commercialisation process, and further expand the development efforts to support high demand from the market. Talon is continuously growing, adding 45 people to the team in less than a year as well as recently opening offices in the US.


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