SafeGuard Cyber introduce email protection for Microsoft 365

As companies worldwide try to tackle the rising security risks, SafeGuard Cyber has introduced the addition of email protection for Microsoft 365

Provider of security and compliance solutions, SafeGuard Cyber has recently announced the addition of email protection for Microsoft 365 to its security suite of protected communication channels.

A study, by email security company Avanan, based on an analysis of more than 55 million emails revealed that one in every 99 emails is a phishing attack, and that 25% of these sneak into Office 365. The addition of protection for Microsoft 365 email to SafeGuard Cyber's existing integrations with Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and Sentinel creates a secure security solution for advanced communications threat detection in the Microsoft ecosystem.

"While threats are increasingly coming through modern chat, conferencing and collaboration tools, email is still an important vector of attack," said Rusty Carter, chief product officer at SafeGuard Cyber. 

"Email is commonly used as an initial point of contact from which more sophisticated attacks emanate. Attackers, and especially those attempting to commit fraud, impersonation, account takeover and business compromise, are evading detection by starting communications in email and then quickly moving conversations to other channels such as Slack or Teams. The addition of the Microsoft 365 email channel to our analytics and cross-channel threat detection capabilities provides customers the most advanced protection against attacks happening within and across their communications ecosystem, while providing the most complete visibility of communications organisation-wide," Carter added.

An increase in security is required as the cyber landscape expands

SafeGuard Cyber detects attacks and identifies risk by understanding how humans interact and communicate. The SafeGuard Cyber platform integrates directly into workplace communication channels via APIs and uses patented Natural Language Understanding technology and cloud-based machine learning to detect security incidents and compliance violations.

The company's patented and award-winning Natural Language Understanding technology analyses and correlates conversations across 30 communication channels and 52 languages, including collaboration, social, chat, messaging, and conference platforms, in order to detect and prevent communication-based threats like social engineering. 

“Our customers have been asking us to provide our existing advanced protection capabilities for Microsoft 365 email. Business compromise and impersonation are top problems they are facing today, and point solutions for cloud email security add complexity, resource burden and don't truly address their communications security needs or detect the sophisticated and multi-channel attacks that are becoming widespread," said Chris Lehman, CEO of SafeGuard Cyber. 

Addressing the growing risk surface 

SafeGuard Cyber's security for email and multi-channel communications is now available to all customers of its SaaS platform. The new capability delivers comprehensive visibility and detection of threats in communications that span the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and beyond.

Microsoft 365 email is just the latest communication channel to be added to SafeGuard Cyber's support for over 30 digital communications platforms including Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom and LinkedIn.

Dave DeWalt, founder and managing director of NightDragon and the former CEO of FireEye and McAfee said: "Phishing attacks are evolving beyond email, with business email compromise often just the beginning of a multi-channel social engineering effort. LinkedIn impersonation made up over half of all phishing attacks in the first quarter of this year, which shows how important it is for companies to deploy security solutions that cover all of these communications channels, and not just email.SafeGuard Cyber is leading the way in helping organisations address this growing risk surface, with the industry's most advanced cybersecurity solution for preventing modern cross-channel social engineering attacks."


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