Technology & AI Articles

Beyond the ‘Metaverse’: Empowerment in a blended reality

The increasingly blended physical and virtual world is rife with inaccurate information. How can the public make sense of manipulated media?

How Securonix leverages behavioural analytics technology

We take a look at how Securonix is preparing customers to fight against advanced cyber security risks

Creating protection from cyber attacks in a virtual world

Matias Madou, CTO and Co-Founder, Secure Code Warrior discusses how businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks in an increasingly virtual world

Why biometrics are central to secure access control

As our reliance on digital devices rises, businesses must protect themselves from data breaches and biometric authentication could be the solution

Proofpoint: protecting customers with the right approach

Deborah Watson, Proofpoint’s Resident CISO, discusses the company’s values and how it supports the University of Oklahoma with cyber defences

NinjaOne: The leading unified IT operations solution

Dean Yeck, Chief Revenue Officer at NinjaOne, helps IT teams to monitor, manage, patch, secure and backup all their endpoints at scale.

How AP Automation can help stop defrauding within businesses

Daniel Ball, SVP Innovation, Medius, looks at how businesses are being defrauded in five main ways, yet the role AP Automation plays in stomping this out

Ransomware payments hit new records in 2021, finds study

The ransomware landscape will continue to evolve as threat actors leverage new techniques to halt business operations, finds Palo Alto Networks research