Oct 13, 2021

Cybersecurity features in top 10 tech videos on TikTok

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Reboot SEO Agency has released figures of Tik Tok's top 10 tech trend videos. Cybersecurity, hacking, coding, VPN technology and The Dark Web all feature.

With over 1 billion monthly users, the rise of TikTok has everyone sharing videos to both educate and entertain and the exploding world of tech is no different. Reboot SEO Agency has uncovered the most popular tech trends on TikTok that we most want to learn about. 

#1 Bitcoin with 5,700,000,000 views

#2 Virtual Reality with 4,500,000,000 views

#3 5G with 1,500,000,000 views

#4 The Dark Web with 1,100,000,000 views

#5 Programming with1,100,000,000 views

#6 Coding with 975,300,000 views

#7 PC tips with 883,400,000 views

#8 Hacking with 606,100,000 views

#9 VPN technology with 519,400,000 views

#10 Cybersecurity with 349,100,000 views

The tech trend with the most views on TikTok is Bitcoin, with 5.7 billion views! Most consumers are using bitcoin because of the high convenience and ease of ultimate security that blockchain technology offers. Cryptocurrency is the future of finance and money, completely transforming how we think about the global economy. 

The top 5 tech themes from the data collection all hit views in the billions. Virtual reality came second with 4.5 billion views, and third place goes to 5G with 1.5 billion views. Learning about the dark web and programming drew 1.1 billion views respectively.  The tech trend with the least amount of TikTok views is Robotics Process Automation, only accumulating 42,800 views. 

Reboot SEO Agency’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Naomi Aharony says keeping up to date with tech trends is pivotal: "As a marketing and SEO based company, it is crucial for us to closely follow the changing landscape of tech and how we can incorporate it in our industry. Even just learning simple PC tips could save us crucial time when approaching deadlines."

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