Human: Protecting enterprises from sophisticated bot attacks

After raising $100m to accelerate expansion into new markets, we take a look at Human Security and how they’re growing the company

Human is a cybersecurity company that protects enterprises and internet platforms from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud to keep digital experiences human.

Founded in 2012, it recently announced a $100 million growth funding round led by WestCap with additional investment from NightDragon and other current investors to support the company in its next phase of growth.

“With this growth investment from WestCap, NightDragon and additional investors, we will expand our leadership position to build a more secure and more human internet,” said Tamer Hassan, co-founder and CEO of Human. “Human plays to win through collective protection by verifying the humanity of 15 trillion interactions per week, enabling us to defeat attackers–changing the odds to the side of the good.”


An increasing amount of bot-based cyber attacks

In 2021, the company experienced accelerated adoption of its specialised bot mitigation platform on a global basis and saw its revenue growth rate double year over year. 

According to the security company, 77% of all cyberattacks are bot-based. Cybercriminals with sophisticated bots at their disposal can send billions of fake requests to create fake accounts, take over accounts and commit credit card fraud, manipulate popularity and consensus, contaminate user data, defraud digital advertising and marketing campaigns, and snipe or hoard online goods and services. 

In a recent holiday shopping survey with responses from more than 1,000 consumers, 53% of respondents said bots pose a threat to their holiday shopping plans, and 51% said they would shop with a different retailer if bots interfered with their customer experience. In an enterprise security survey conducted by the research and analyst group ESG, 90% of security leaders identified bot management as a top-five priority due to the severity and the sophistication of attacks, and 65% believe that partnering with a bot specialist is the only way to protect themselves.

"Human is addressing one of the most fundamental problems on the internet today: keeping digital experiences human,” said Kevin Marcus, Partner at WestCap.“We believe they’re uniquely positioned to disrupt the economics of cybercrime and prevent billions in losses.”


Disrupting the economics of cybercrime

The Human Verification Engine protects applications, APIs, and digital media from bot attacks. This approach enables the company to detect, prevent and outwit bot populations of every level of sophistication to disrupt and take down cybercriminals. Human played a lead role in collaborating with the FBI, Google, Facebook, and many other partners in the takedown of 3ve, one of the largest botnets ever defeated.

Its privacy-sensitive code detects bots without tracking humans. The code, running in countless websites and apps every day, verifies the humanity of more than 15 trillion interactions per week and affords them a footprint larger than any single anti-virus or threat detection platform on the internet.



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