Sep 01, 2021

ReaQta launch Cyber Assistant to reduce analyst's workloads

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ReaQta launches Cyber Assistant to autonomously handle alerts and help reduce the analyst’s workload by more than 80%

ReaQta, an AI Autonomous Detection & Response platform, has announced the release of a new version of its Autonomous Detection & Response Platform, ReaQta-Hive 3.6. 

This latest release optimises the platform’s intuitive design for analysts and Managed Security Service Providers by leveraging breakthrough AI innovations in an all-new autonomous alert management system: Cyber Assistant.

Using deep graph learning, ReaQta pioneers its latest automation to increase ROI, boost team efficiency, and improve alert accuracy.

ReaQta’s Cyber Assistant


The Cyber Assistant is a new and active component of ReaQta-Hive built to autonomously handle alerts and alleviate alert fatigue by reducing false positives by more than 80%. It is capable of learning from an analyst’s decision after seeing a given alert only once.



How does the Cyber Assistant benefit customers?


  • Automatically learning and applying the day-to-day decision-making process of analysts in your environment or across multiple environments for MSSPs.
  • Freeing up time for analysts to focus on higher level analyses, threat hunting and other tasks.
  • Being churn-free, it alleviates brain drain as learnings are attached to the job function, not the analyst.
  • Keeping training/ retraining costs low as knowledge is retained with Cyber Assistant.
  • Lowering service costs as Cyber Assistant doesn’t require regular external ‘tune-ups’.

Cyber Assistant is not sold as an upgrade or separate product, but is now available to all ReaQta-Hive customers.

“We are proud that ReaQta was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in the Endpoint Protection market for our use of AI & ML and NanoOS™ agent. Today, we are pleased to announce our third industry-first innovation with Cyber Assistant which dramatically lowers the workload of analysts by more than 80% –putting defenders firmly back in control even amidst a reality of ever-growing data and attacks.” said Alberto Pelliccione, CEO of ReaQta.

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