Top 10: Cybersecurity Consultants

Cyber Magazine looks at the top cybersecurity consulting teams from the world’s biggest companies, focused on evaluating security issues to defend against

With the ever-increasing sophistication of cyber threats, companies are turning to specialised cybersecurity consulting firms to safeguard their critical data and systems. These firms possess a deep understanding of the latest cybersecurity trends, vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies, enabling them to provide tailored solutions that fortify an organisation's defences against potential attacks.

This month, Cyber Magazine highlights the Top 10 Cybersecurity Consultants, offering a wide range of services to protect organisations from the constantly-evolving cyber threat landscape.

10. Atos

Atos, a stalwart in IT services and consulting, traces its roots to the fusion of two prominent French IT companies in 1997. Headquartered in Bezons, France, Atos commands a global footprint, offering solutions to drive secure digital transformations. Backed by a cadre of 1,800 digital transformation specialists, Atos empowers visionary enterprises to embark on their digital journeys with confidence. Through its Eviden division, Atos delivers bespoke cybersecurity services, safeguarding critical information and systems for businesses and government entities alike.

Revenue: 11.18bn Euros 

Employees: 104,430

CEO: Nourdine Bihmane

Founded: 2000

9.Infosys Consulting

Infosys Consulting, an integral division of the Infosys conglomerate, stands at the forefront of management and IT consulting. Since its establishment in 2004, this global entity has expanded its reach across 18 countries worldwide. With a keen focus on strategy development, IT transformation and business analytics, Infosys Consulting offers tailored solutions to propel clients towards their digital business goals. Notably, its cybersecurity programme serves as a bulwark, fortifying clients' digital operations and fostering trust in their cyber defence.

Revenue: $18.2bn

Employees: 6,100

CEO: Salil Parekh 

Founded: 2004

8.McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company, a venerable institution in global management consulting, has been a beacon of excellence since its inception in 1926. Renowned for its financial acumen and operational prowess, McKinsey serves corporations, governments, and organisations with unparalleled problem-solving capabilities. Leveraging strategic partnerships, proprietary assessments, and transformative initiatives, McKinsey addresses clients' most pressing cybersecurity challenges with finesse, ensuring enduring impact and resilience in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Revenue: $15bn

Employees: 45,000

CEO: Bob Sternfels 

Founded: 1926


KPMG International emerges as a pinnacle in the professional services arena, standing shoulder to shoulder with the elite Big Four accounting firms. With a formidable presence spanning 143 countries, KPMG boasts a workforce exceeding 265,000 professionals dedicated to serving diverse business sectors and bolstering capital markets. Renowned for its prowess in cybersecurity, KPMG not only implements established security practices but pioneers novel solutions tailored to evolving threats, ensuring clients' security posture remains robust and adaptive.

Revenue: $36.4bn

Employees: 273,424

CEO: William B Thomas 

Founded: 1987

6. Capgemini SE

Capgemini SE, headquartered in Paris, France, commands industry leadership in IT services and consulting, guiding enterprises through transformative journeys. Boasting a global team of over 3,600 experts, Capgemini collaborates closely with leading corporations and governmental entities to master the intricacies of digital transformation. At the forefront of cybersecurity, Capgemini's experts employ a holistic approach, securing IT protocols and data transactions while mitigating organisational risks and ensuring operational resilience.

Revenue: 22.5bn Euros

Employees: 357,000

CEO:  Aiman Ezzat 

Founded: 1967​​​​​​​

5. Cognizant

Cognizant, a trailblazer in IT services and consulting, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies worldwide since its inception. With a global presence spanning over a hundred centres, Cognizant's consulting arm drives innovation and transformation across industries. Seamlessly blending industry expertise with forward-thinking strategies, Cognizant's end-to-end security solutions offer comprehensive protection and resilience for businesses, encompassing advisory, transformation and managed services.

Revenue: $19.42bn

Employees: 355,300

CEO: Ravi Kumar S

Founded: 1994

4. PwC

PwC, operates as a global network spanning 157 countries and offering consulting and professional services. Seamlessly integrating strategy, technology consulting and management consulting, PwC propels businesses towards transformative success. Through its cybersecurity services, PwC provides clarity amidst complexity, enabling organisations to navigate new challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities. Renowned for its results-driven approach, PwC's strategic guidance fosters competitive advantage and fuels sustainable growth for its clientele.

Revenue: $53.1bn 

Employees: 364,000

CEO: Mohamed Kande 

Founded: 1854

3. EY

Ernst & Young Global (EY), headquartered in London, epitomises excellence in professional services, driven by a commitment to fostering trust, sustainability and collaboration. With a steadfast focus on quality and excellence, EY's cybersecurity, strategy, risk, compliance and resilience teams provide invaluable support to organisations worldwide. By assessing and enhancing cybersecurity initiatives, EY empowers organisations to navigate evolving threats and bolster their resilience in an increasingly digitised landscape.

Revenue: $49.4bn

Employees: 395,442

CEO: Carmine Di Sibio

Founded: 1989

2. Accenture

Accenture, born from the consulting division of Arthur Andersen in the 1950s, has evolved into a global powerhouse in professional services, spanning over 120 countries worldwide. With a workforce exceeding 500,000 individuals, Accenture offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from strategy and consulting to digital solutions and operational strategies. Leveraging deep industry expertise, Accenture's cybersecurity solutions safeguard businesses end-to-end, enabling clients to thrive in an era of digital disruption.

Revenue: $64.11bn

Employees: 733,000

CEO: Julie Sweet 

Founded: 1989

1. Deloitte

Headquartered in London, Deloitte, a pioneer in professional services, traces its roots back to 1845 and stands as the largest global professional services network. With a relentless focus on innovation and client-centric solutions, Deloitte assists businesses of all sizes in thriving amidst complexity. Through its Global Cyber Operate services, Deloitte combines expert cyber engineering, proven procedures and cutting-edge technology to implement and manage cybersecurity solutions for clients worldwide, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to human-centric progress and technological innovation.

Revenue: US$64.9 billion

Employees: 457,000

CEO: Joe Ucuzoglu

Founded: 1845


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