Application Security Articles

Beyond the ‘Metaverse’: Empowerment in a blended reality

The increasingly blended physical and virtual world is rife with inaccurate information. How can the public make sense of manipulated media?

LastPass: Managing passwords to keep digital lives secure

With the cause of data breaches on the rise from weak, reused, or stolen passwords, we take a look at LastPass, and how it keeps passwords secure

How Abnormal Security protects workforces from email attacks

We take a look at Abnormal Security, an AI-based cloud email security platform that protects the modern workforce against email attacks

How Securonix leverages behavioural analytics technology

We take a look at how Securonix is preparing customers to fight against advanced cyber security risks

World Password Day: Experts share advice on strong passwords

With the aim of World Password Day to create awareness about the need for strong password security, experts share their thoughts and advice

Are fraudsters cooling the crypto boom?

Dimitrie Dorgan, Senior Fraud Risk Manager, Onfido, explores the ways in which fraudsters are exploiting cryptocurrency and the need for better security


CTO at Passbolt explains the importance of password managers

Remy Bertot, CTO at Passbolt, spoke to Cyber Magazine to discuss the growing importance of password managers and keeping businesses' data secure

LinkedIn becomes most impersonated brand in phishing attacks

Social media sites such as LinkedIn are increasingly becoming a target for phishing attempts, according to a new Check Point report