Application Security Articles

Guardz launches AI-powered multilayered phishing protection

With more than 3 billion phishing emails sent every day, Guardz says this protects SMEs from the increased risk of this growing attack vector.

Digital wellness tips to prevent computer vision issues

Research has shown that British adults spend 4,866 hours a year staring at screens, which means the average adult spends 34 years staring at screens.

Zoom launches new global data privacy enhancements

Zoom's new privacy features include tools for data subject access requests, audit log tracking, and more.

RKVST granted US patent for its blockchain technology

The new patent addresses the challenges created by ever-growing blockchain storage requirements, it says.

Connecting ATO and transaction fraud dots

Forter found that merchants who balance high demand with low quantity face 5-6x more bot attacks than their counterparts. Shira Itzhaki, shares more.

Castlepoint Systems wins ISACA Innovation Solutions Award

Castlepoint Systems, expert in data management and ethical AI for cybersecurity has won the prestigious ISACA Innovation Solutions Award.

Is cryptocurrency investing gambling?

CryptoUK, the trade association for the UK cryptoasset industry, says it strongly rejects Treasury Committee’s crypto “gambling” claim.

RKVST launches Instaproof instant verification of any file

An increasing move to digitisation and explosion in AI-generated content means RKVST Instaproof will have a huge impact on the speed of business.