Application Security Articles

Secure 2024: AI’s impact on cybersecurity with Integrity360

With 2023 seeing increased AI in cybersecurity, and rising cyberattacks, Integrity360 leaders consider what the 2024 cyber landscape will look like


QR ‘Quishing’ scams: Do you know the risks?

QR code scams, or Quishing scams, are rising and pose a threat to both private users and businesses as cyberattacks move towards mobile devices

Cyber technology risks key concern for businesses, says PwC

PwC's risk survey reveals that, despite new AI technologies being viewed as positive, cyber and digital technology remain top concerns for businesses


Fake Bard AI malware: Google seeks to uncover cybercriminals

Google has filed a lawsuit against alleged scammers who have been distributing malware posing as the company’s Bard AI, raising concerns over AI trust


5 minutes with: Arash Ghazanfari, UK CTO, Dell Technologies

Cyber Magazine spoke with Arash Ghazanfari on how Dell is using AI to improve cybersecurity and how businesses can improve their threat landscape

Could passkeys be the start of a passwordless future?

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, tech giant Google is making passkeys the default sign-in across its services for all users

ISACA: IT workers “worry” about AI being exploited

A new study conducted by ISACA highlights that business and IT professionals are worried about the exploitation of generative AI by cyber criminals

Cybercriminals are creating a darker side to AI

Due to the advancements in AI, cybercriminals are breaking into systems more easily and efficiently than ever before