Cloud Besieged: CrowdStrike, Google Cloud Join on AI Defence

CrowdStrike’s partnership with Google aims to protect against modern cloud threats and give a force multiplier for security and DevOps teams.
CrowdStrike and Google Cloud have announced a partnership aimed at addressing the growing intrusions levelled at the cloud

Employing a combination of AI-powered Google cloud services and Google Cloud’s Security Operations platform, CrowdStrike’s partnership with Google aims to protect against modern cloud threats and give a force multiplier for security and DevOps teams. 

This follows a recent report from CrowdStrike showing that cloud intrusions have grown 75% in the past year, with the speed of attackers breaking into customer environments in as little as two minutes.

Examining the partnership

Leveraging CrowdStrike's security software Falcon for endpoint protection and threat detection, the partnership will see it employ Google Cloud's Security Operations platform for centralised management and analysis of security data across cloud environments to manage and analyse security data. 

By using vast computing power and machine learning algorithms, AI can analyse massive amounts of security data from various sources across the cloud. By identifying patterns and anomalies in this data, AI can detect and predict potential attacks much faster than traditional methods. 

This continuous analysis keeps companies' threat intelligence on high alert, allowing them to stay ahead of attackers and proactively address emerging threats before they can cause significant damage.

AI isn't just a weapon for defence; it's being increasingly used for attack. Cybercriminals are leveraging AI to automate tasks, making attacks more efficient and accessible. 

AI can automate tasks like vulnerability scanning and exploit selection, allowing even less sophisticated attackers to launch complex attacks, and be used to generate vast quantities of malicious emails or craft phishing attempts that mimic real communication styles, dramatically increasing the volume of attacks bombarding defences. 

Therefore, AI in defence is increasingly being viewed as important to handle this increased workload.

Google Cloud will empower Mandiant, a security company it recently acquired, to leverage its Incident Response and Managed Detection and Response services alongside the CrowdStrike Falcon platform and the Google Cloud Security Operations platform.

CrowdStrike’s comments

“When it comes to stopping breaches in the most critical moments of attack, CrowdStrike is the proven and recognized technology of choice. Our single platform, single agent architecture delivers the industry’s best protection while being the easiest and fastest to deploy,” said Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer, CrowdStrike. “Our expanded strategic alliance with Google Cloud is a watershed moment for cybersecurity: powering Mandiant’s industry-leading Incident Response and Managed Detection and Response services with Falcon in concert with Google Cloud’s Security Operations platform – integrating the best technology with world-class expertise, giving organisations access to the protection they need to stop breaches.”

“CrowdStrike has been a strategic technology partner for both Mandiant and Google Cloud for many years,” said Dom Delfino, VP Global Sales, Google Cloud Security. “We’re excited to deepen the collaboration across Google Cloud Security with enhanced threat intelligence sharing, a tighter integration between CrowdStrike and Google Chronicle, our Hyperscale Security Operations platform and Mandiant Managed Defense, and the ability to deploy CrowdStrike Falcon to support Mandiant Consulting.”


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