How Cribl is unlocking the value of all observability data

With its platform enabling more choice and control over telemetry data, Cribl is helping SAP Enterprise Cloud Services accelerate its security initiatives

Cribl is on a mission to unlock the value of all observability data so that organisations can provide optimal and secure experiences for their customers.

As Ledion Bitincka, Cribl’s Co-founder and CTO explains, the main problems Cribl addresses in the market originate from an explosion in observability data. “According to Gartner, the amount of data is growing roughly by 25% every year, meaning in five years, organisations will have two-and-a-half times the amount of data that they're dealing with today, leaving teams focused on managing data rather than securing or enabling the business.”

Cribl’s flagship product in the market, Cribl Stream, is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline. “It allows organisations to collect and gather this observability, security, and telemetry data and route it to wherever it makes sense,” Bitincka says. “There are different tools that you can use to query data, answer different questions, and take action. Cribl sits in the middle and gets the right data in the right format to the right place for these organisations.”

Security and IT teams today are tasked with analysing and taking care of the massive amount of data being collected throughout their organisations. “With that comes the responsibility of making sure this data lands in the right format,” says Bitincka. “Where teams used to just look at the data to optimise performance and protect their organisations, now they need to manage the ingestion and tooling process for this onslaught of data. This has added a tremendous amount of both time and effort in getting that data where it needs to be, and takes teams away from their core mission.”

Cribl is helping teams simplify the data ingestion, routing and normalisation process, to resume focus on mitigating risk.

Roland Costea, the Global Chief Security Officer for SAP’s Enterprise Cloud Services is responsible for running the organisation’s overall global cybersecurity programme. “One thing that represents our overall cybersecurity strategy is speed: accelerating our end-to-end security processes and services,” he explains. “We also need control and visibility into our own datasets so that we are able to make intelligent decisions. What excites me most about Cribl’s platform is that it can give us the control, the flexibility, and greater observability into our own data flows.”

SAP is helping organisations modernise their business processes and become intelligent enterprises. “We're helping them to do it securely and confidently,” Costea adds. “Cribl helps us to ensure we're getting the appropriate data in the best format where it needs to go.” 

“We are helping our customers protect their core SAP workloads. We are able to automate repetitive processes to free up more time for innovation, enabling us to better deliver on our customer needs, build better solutions, and help the customers achieve their goals.”

By using Cribl, SAP has shifted its teams’ time from 80% spent onboarding customers to 80% spent on innovation. “By solving the observability data pipeline problem, and delivering better services,” says Bitincka, “We are helping SAP accelerate their cloud security initiatives and deliver desired outcomes for their customers.”

Read the full SAP's digital report HERE.

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