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Marcus Law

Editor-in-Chief, Technology Magazine

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With a background in local media, Marcus Law is Editor-in-Chief of Technology Magazine, with responsibility for its sister titles AI & Cyber.

In his role Marcus reports on a range of topics from Cloud and Cyber to ESG, interviewing executives to produce exclusive content on the latest innovations in the fast-moving world of technology.

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ChatGPT at one: A valuable tool for attackers and defenders

As we mark the first birthday of ChatGPT, we highlight how OpenAI’s language model is a valuable tool for both attackers and defenders in cybersecurity

SL Crimewall: A revolutionary OSINT investigation platform

With its release of standalone OSINT investigation platform SL Crimewall open-source intelligence company Social Links is redefining the intelligence cycle

Cybersecurity's crucial role in the modern defence industry

Cyber Magazine speaks with experts to discuss the complex challenges and strategies in safeguarding the defence sector against cyber threats

Shifting left: DevSecOps a proactive approach to cyber

Cyber Magazine speaks with experts around embedding DevSecOps in software development, focusing on 'shifting left,' challenges and recommendations

Company Reports by Marcus Law

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Georgia Tech: Balancing cybersecurity and innovation

Georgia Tech balances cutting-edge research with robust cybersecurity: safeguarding intellectual property and empowering its research & academic community

OEC: Digital resilience through cybersecurity governance

Jad Elsohemy, VP of Technology & Innovation at OEC, discusses the importance of effective cybersecurity governance when protecting critical infrastructure

Transformation drives AmerCareRoyal to an industry leader

Formed by a number of acquisitions, we highlight the path, challenges, and success of disposables and supply chain leader ACR’s digital transformation

Boohoo Group and the cost of cybersecurity infrastructure

In a post-pandemic world, Boohoo Group’s Head of Information Security, Dorian Skeete balances security excellence with managing corporate budgets

Interviews by Marcus Law

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Leo Howell

Chief Information Security Officer at Georgia Institute of Technology

Interview with Andersen Cheng

CEO at Post-Quantum

Jeff DeSandre and Brett Barnello

Cody Cornell

Cody Cornell, Co-Founder and CSO at Swimlane

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Top 10 Chief Information Security Officers

Cyber Magazine features 10 global CISOs who are leading the charge in cybersecurity innovation, governance, and resilience

Top 10 cybersecurity companies in healthcare

With healthcare one of the most targeted sectors for cyber attackers, we explore 10 of the leading cybersecurity companies in the healthcare industry

Top 10 Cyber Security Threats

With attacks continuously increasing in frequency and complexity, Cyber Magazine explores the most dangerous threats and the risks they pose to businesses


The Top 10 cybersecurity startups to watch this year

Cyber Magazine looks at 10 of the top startups that are revolutionising the cybersecurity industry with their unique approaches to tackling digital threats

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Georgia Tech: Balancing cybersecurity and innovation

OEC: Digital resilience through cybersecurity governance

Avatria, Celonis and Emporix drive efficiency for ACR

Ontinue driving the next evolution of MDR with AI