Palo Alto & Partners Fortify the Future of 5G Security

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024
Celona, Druid, Ataya, NETSCOUT, NVIDIA & NTT DATA are Palo Alto’s Private 5G partners, a group partnering to offer end-to-end private 5G security solutions

5G is expected to contribute US$1tn to the global economy in 2030. As the technology develops and becomes widely used, it also increases the risks associated. This is not lost on executives — in a recent Palo Alto Networks study, almost 70% of executives identified 5G-connected devices as a growing threat vector in operational technology. So how can companies march forward towards continued digitisation whilst dodging the ever-present threats?

Palo Alto Networks has created a group of leading Private 5G partners to offer end-to-end private 5G security solutions and services, the cyber security experts announced at Mobile World Congress 2024.

The unification of Palo Alto’s enterprise-grade 5G Security and the 5G partner services allows organisations to easily deploy, manage, and secure networks throughout their entire 5G journey.
"5G holds boundless potential to revolutionise our future. At the same time deploying these networks is complex and presents significant security risks,” shares Anand Oswal, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Palo Alto Networks.

“True digital transformation requires a robust cross-platform ecosystem where comprehensive solutions and innovative partner integrations ensure strong 5G security. Our best-in-class platforms and strategic coalition of trusted Private 5G partners create a holistic offering to help customers realise the benefits of 5G."

Which companies has Palo Alto enlisted as 5G partners?

The companies enlisted as Palo Alto’s 5G partners include:

Celona, Druid, Ataya: Organisations building new private 5G networks with these partners can easily secure radio networks through integrations with Palo Alto Networks 5G Security.

"As private 5G networks become imperative for mission-critical applications and handling of their sensitive data, they are prime targets for cyber attacks,” says Rajeev Shah, CEO and Founder, Celona. 

“Our unique integration with Palo Alto Networks provides comprehensive visibility and secure access for enterprise devices connected over private 5G cellular wireless infrastructure. We are thrilled to join Palo Alto Networks Private 5G partners to continue delivering solutions that secure customer networks in the 5G space."

"Zero Trust security is key to securing private 5G traffic, but without visibility into all applications, services, subscribers, and devices, a Zero Trust solution isn't possible,” explains Liam Kenny, CEO, Druid Software. 

“Our integration with Palo Alto Networks provides customers with elevated security posture, unparalleled visibility, policy enforcement, mobile user control, and threat detection for all IoT and user devices connecting to their cellular networks. We are pleased to join the Private 5G partners, further advancing the mission of providing comprehensive private 5G networks."
"Together with Palo Alto Networks, we can address a broad spectrum of security concerns ranging from 5G network-specific scenarios to advanced threat detection scenarios, leveraging device intelligence to optimise Zero Trust postures,” comments Rajesh Pazhyannur, CEO and Co-Founder, Ataya.

“We're thrilled to further our collaboration as a Private 5G partner, enabling customers to realise simplified management, robust security, and application-awareness by unifying their multiple networks."

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NETSCOUT: Pervasive, packet-level network visibility will combine at scale with Palo Alto Networks 5G Security, helping security teams gain deep visibility to make intelligent policy decisions.

"5G networks can potentially transform the world as we know it, but given their complexity, enterprises need help,” says Bruce Kelley, CTO and SVP, Service Provider, NETSCOUT. 

“Ensuring end-through-end service visibility is critical to assuring an exceptional customer experience and monetizing device and end-user behaviour. NETSCOUT has expansive visibility across the world's largest IP networks. We help enterprises combat cyber threats through our pervasive, packet-level network visibility at scale and our open data model. This Visibility without Borders is exactly what we provide through our integrations with Palo Alto Networks and look forward to extending them to include 5G."

NVIDIA: Scalable 5G security ensures that AI-powered applications are optimised for speed, security, traffic accuracy, and data isolation to maintain data sovereignty and achieve multi-terabit, cost-effective security for mobile networks.

"Private 5G enables enterprises to collect, transfer and analyse massive amounts of data from the prevalent connected sensors and edge devices in today's enterprise networks,” explains Ash Bhalgat, Senior Director of Cloud, Telco and Cybersecurity Market Development, NVIDIA. 

“NVIDIA technologies accelerate Palo Alto P5G ecosystem solutions to help create a fast, secure and AI-ready private 5G infrastructure for modern enterprises."

NTT DATA: An innovative and complete technology stack, network infrastructure capabilities, and trusted IT consulting and global system integration services help customers quickly and easily deploy, manage, and secure their private 5G networks.

"The computational demands of Generative AI applications deployed at the edge have made private 5G networks more critical than ever,” shares Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP, New Ventures and Innovation, NTT Ltd. 

“To fully tap into the potential of private 5G, a key enabler of Industry 5.0, organisations need complete, fully managed solutions as well as trusted advisors with the right capabilities to facilitate the deployment, management, and security of private 5G networks. We look forward to building on our collaboration with Palo Alto Networks and delivering the power of private 5G to our clients' current and future business."


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