Keeper: Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity for Williams Racing

Cybersecurity firm Keeper Security has partnered with Williams Racing to provide advanced solutions to protect the Formula 1 team’s critical data

In the high-stakes world of Formula 1, every second counts – not just on the track, but also when it comes to cybersecurity.

Maintaining robust security is crucial for teams like Williams Racing to protect their valuable data and intellectual property. As a result, the team has partnered with Keeper Security, a leading provider of zero-trust, zero-knowledge cybersecurity software. 

As one of the team’s official partners, Keeper Security is now Williams Racing’s Official Password Security Partner, with its password management and privileged access solutions safeguarding Williams’ critical information and systems from cyber threats.

“Our data is one of our most important assets and protecting it is paramount,” says James Vowles, Team Principal at Williams Racing. “Maintaining hundreds of passwords to keep our information safe and data protected requires robust and trusted systems.

Keeper Security is now Williams Racing’s Official Password Security Partner

"Keeper is the solution to these concerns, providing proven security for your information, and it is great to welcome them to Williams. Keeper also embodies the ethos of the team: excellence, pioneering innovation and relentless determination to succeed.”

Keeper Security: Cybersecurity solutions deliver next-generation protection from threats

With 74% of data breaches involving a human element like weak or stolen passwords, password management is essential for mitigating risks. Keeper’s password manager enables Williams to securely store and share credentials across the organisation with advanced encryption and zero-knowledge security architecture.

But Keeper offers far more than just password management. Its comprehensive suite includes privileged access management, secure file storage and dark web monitoring, with its KeeperPAM solution delivering unified, zero-trust privileged access control across Williams' entire infrastructure.

“Partnering with Williams Racing presents an exciting opportunity to showcase Keeper Security's cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions on the global stage,” comments Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder of Keeper Security. “The technological advancements and relentless pursuit of innovation synonymous with Formula 1 mirror Keeper's mission to deliver next-generation protection for individuals and organisations worldwide. When seconds matter, both on and off the track, Keeper is driving powerful cybersecurity solutions that position our customers ahead of cybercriminals in the ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Passwords or passkeys: The next generation of security

Whether it's a large-scale attack or a minor breach targeting only email or bank accounts, there is usually one common denominator which seems to be the problem – passwords.

Google, Microsoft and Apple have made passkeys the default sign-in option across services for their users. But as Darren Guccione told Cyber Magazine recently, the adoption of passkeys has been slow, despite their potential, with only 55 out of more than a billion websites currently supporting passkeys.

“This limited support can be attributed to several factors, including underlying platform support, website changes and the fact that it’s not a default setting, so the user must take action to configure or set it up. Consistent support from major platforms and browsers is key in promoting widespread adoption of the technology.”


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