Zscaler and NVIDIA Join to Upskill Zero Trust with Gen AI

Zscaler will implement Gen AI to upskill its Zero Trust Exchange platform offerings
NVIDIA is joining with Zscaler to help integrate its AI solutions into their Zero Trust Exchange platform and Zscaler ZDX Copilot

Two titans of their respective industries, Zscaler and NVIDIA, are joining to combine their particular expertise to upskill an increasingly important aspect of cybersecurity through the power of Gen AI: zero trust security. 

Leveraging the AI chip-maker’s technology, Zscaler will implement Gen AI to deliver new user experience and security-centric copilot services to the enterprise via its Zero Trust Exchange platform.

"The advancement of a cybersecurity vendor's AI is becoming the critical ingredient in its ability to maintain an advantage over adversaries,” Punit Minocha, EVP Business and Corporate Development at Zscaler said following the announcement.

The partnership, and the added capabilities, stands to set a precedent for how AI technology can be implemented into the concept of zero trust by the broader industry. 

This is due to Zscaler’s pioneering place in the field of zero trust. Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange platform is the world’s largest security cloud, processing more than 400B transactions per day.

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Gen AI’s integration 

The introduction of new AI capabilities comes by leveraging NVIDIA's AI software portfolio, namely NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails, and the NVIDIA Morpheus framework. 

These will be aimed at increasing the ability to process data from Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange platform.

This integration of additional AI analysis on the vast amounts of data flowing through its global security cloud can enable more proactive threat detection and enable Zscaler ZDX Copilot’s ability to defend against cyber threats and simplify IT and network operations.

Data processing capabilities enabled by Zscaler's collaboration with NVIDIA are crucial for implementing a robust zero trust security model. This is because zero trust relies on continuously verifying the identity, context, and risk associated with every access request before granting access, meaning analysing vast amounts of data signals in real-time to establish trust dynamically.

"With the integration of NVIDIA's AI software portfolio, Zscaler's ZDX Copilot can now provide developers the security and protection needed to detect cyber anomalies and accelerate IT safety," Pat Lee, VP of Strategic Partnerships at NVIDIA said.

The Zscaler ZDX Copilot, announced only last month, is a first-of-its-kind digital experience monitoring tool that provides insights into network, device, and application performance, enabling simplified IT support and operations at scale.

The Nvidia NeMo Guardrails, a critical component of the ZDX Copilot, safeguards organisations by overseeing generative AI systems potential risks associated with their outputs.

Additionally, NVIDIA's NIM microservices will facilitate efficient and scalable generative AI inferencing to allow Zscaler to deploy state-of-the-art Gen AI models and multi-modal capabilities across its data protection suite, leveraging the power of local large language models (LLMs).

Zero trust's AI future

By combining their respective expertise in Zero Trust security and cutting-edge AI technologies, the two tech giants can go on to redefine the boundaries of cybersecurity innovation, and in particular, layered solutions to help implement zero trust, a concept that is gaining increasing currency in today's threat landscape.

Through the integration of AI-powered copilot technologies, predictive and Gen AI solutions, and advanced data processing capabilities, Zscaler and NVIDIA are finding a way to keep the concept of zero trust alive on large networks.


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