Cyber Security Articles

Cyber attacks are prompting growing bankruptcy fears

As the frequency of cyber attacks continues to increase, businesses are warning of the damages they are causing, both financially and reputationally

Don’t let ransomware catch you unprepared

Clay Kirkland from Specops and Scott Birch from Cyber Magazine discuss ransomware attacks, including how you can prevent them and how they occur

KnowBe4: Helping businesses make smarter security decisions

As cyber crime continues to show no sign of slowing, we take a look at how KnowBe4 is helping organisations be more resilient through its security training

From Ransomware to the UK's Cyber Security Strategy

James Tamblin, President of BlueVoyant UK, discusses ransomware and the significance of the UK’s new Cyber Security Strategy in combatting this

Veriff: Issuing companies with online identity verification

We take a look at how Veriff is helping to protect businesses with online identity verification technology

Greater digital risks loom over people with multiple devices

The pandemic caused instances of digital scams such as SMS phishing attacks to skyrocket, as reported by 56% of participants in a Tessian survey

SecureAge Technology launches malware protection, CatchPulse

SecureAge Technology has introduced CatchPulse, a software for malware protection, making endpoint protection easier for both individuals and enterprises

Is passwordless the new way forward?

With a long history of vulnerability and associated data breaches, the world is increasingly moving towards a new future, a passwordless one