Network Security Articles

1 in 3 organisations experience ransomware attacks weekly

A new report from Menlo Security shows ransomware attacks are taking their toll on security professionals

Changing mindsets for stronger security – but how?

Cybersecurity has never been such a high priority. But why is it so hard for individuals and businesses to shake off all their bad password habits?

How can companies work with the ethical hackers community?

With companies recognising the importance of testing their security, Intigriti has released its new report looking at ethical hackers and their motivations

Kyndryl launch recovery retainer service for attack response

Kyndryl is now offering a recovery retainer service, helping businesses to recover from ransomware and other types of cyberattacks

Kovrr: Simplifying cyber risk management decisions

Kovrr has launched ‘Cyber-Sphere’ to simplify enterprise cyber risk management decisions, allowing companies to allocate budget more efficiently

Getting the Cyber Essentials right for your organisation

Steve Whiter, Director, Appurity, explains the importance of recognising weakness in a cyber security strategy in order to bolster and improve these parts

How hackers ‘chain vulnerabilities’ in business networks

Paul Cragg, CTO at NormCyber, explains the hacking technique of chaining vulnerabilities and how businesses can reduce the risk of falling foul of it

How can companies tackle vulnerabilities in cyber security?

Fred Voccola, CEO at Kaseya, spoke to Cyber Magazine to discuss minimising gaps and vulnerabilities, and the importance of training staff in cyber security