Operational Security Articles

Secure 2024: AI’s impact on cybersecurity with Integrity360

With 2023 seeing increased AI in cybersecurity, and rising cyberattacks, Integrity360 leaders consider what the 2024 cyber landscape will look like

MOVEit cyberattack anxieties: Turning ransomware into action

In the wake of such a high profile cyberattack, a Veeam study highlights its impact as more business leaders invest in cyber protection solutions

CrowdStrike Falcon Go aims to revolutionise cyber protection

The cybersecurity leader unveils its new AI-powered cybersecurity protection for businesses to facilitate better ransomware prevention and data protection

Cyber technology risks key concern for businesses, says PwC

PwC's risk survey reveals that, despite new AI technologies being viewed as positive, cyber and digital technology remain top concerns for businesses

Major Samsung data breach exposes customer data

The electronics company has disclosed a data breach by threat actors that has affected its online store customers by compromising their personal data

Cyber threats will continue to impact critical services

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published its seventh Annual Review, highlighting an increasingly unpredictable global threat landscape


Fake Bard AI malware: Google seeks to uncover cybercriminals

Google has filed a lawsuit against alleged scammers who have been distributing malware posing as the company’s Bard AI, raising concerns over AI trust

EU-Ukraine align cybersecurity policies enhancing resilience

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) is partnering with Ukraine to focus on bolstering cybersecurity measures and awareness amid threats