Darktrace HEAL to enable better cyber resilience with AI

Darktrace’s new AI-driven platform, Darktrace HEAL, will work to enhance incident response and recovery and better protect businesses from cyberattacks

Leading cybersecurity company Darktrace has announced Darktrace HEAL, an industry-first AI-enabled tool to transform incident response, readiness and recovery in digital sectors.

Its new AI service aims to help businesses more effectively prepare and recover from cyber attacks. The HEAL platform will provide security teams with unique abilities to simulate real attacks within their own environments, create bespoke incident response plans as cyber incidents unfold and automate actions to respond to and recover from those incidents.

The company has said that it will use AI to understand a company’s business data and prevent key infrastructure from being permanently compromised. 

Preventative measures better establish businesses and their cyber protection

Darktrace’s new AI-enabled platform speaks to the importance of ‘getting ahead’ of data breaches. As data breaches and cyber threats have become increasingly more sophisticated throughout 2023, ensuring safety and integrity of sensitive information within businesses has become a top priority. This is particularly the case with more organisations operating in hybrid or completely remote environments.

With the annual cost of a data breach reaching US$5.1m in the UK alone, it is clear that businesses worldwide are facing huge amounts of pressure to combat cyberattacks.

Darktrace aims to build technology by considering where AI can be the most valuable and have the most positive impact on people’s work. 

HEAL aims to leverage Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI to give security teams the ability to address live incidents in a more confident way. Not only can it simulate real-world cyber incidents and allow teams to practise responses, but it can also create AI-generated playbooks to prioritise actions and enable faster decision-making at critical moments.

It will also automate actions from the response plan to rapidly stop and recover from the attack within the HEAL interface. From this, it creates a full incident report that includes an audit trail of the incident response with details of the attack, actions suggested by the HEAL platform and actions taken by the human security teams for future learning.

Preventing full-scale cyber attacks before they happen

These efforts allow security teams to fine-tune their disaster responses, meaning that they will not be running their incident response for the first time during a live attack.

Darktrace’s new AI-based cyber infrastructure will hopefully work to ensure that businesses can protect their assets and therefore their reputations. Data breaches can damage an organisation's reputation if its customer data becomes compromised, as the company's ability to protect its users’ sensitive information is doubted.

Jack Stockdale OBE, Chief Technology Officer at Darktrace, said: “With HEAL, we’ve turned our attention to cyber resilience. We’re upskilling teams and reducing the overload analysts face during an attack, to help them recover and get back to business faster and more effectively.

“With the closing of Darktrace’s full Cyber AI Loop, security teams can maximise the time and talent of their human teams, enabling them to focus on critical and complex tasks with the knowledge that Darktrace AI is autonomously working in the background to prevent, detect, respond, and heal from cyber-attacks in a continuous, reinforcing loop.”


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