Vodafone Business enables secure growth in digital adoption

Head of cybersecurity at Vodafone Business, Andrzej Kawalec gives a comprehensive view of cybersecurity and the demand from customers to simplify solutions

The coronavirus pandemic poses as an example of the dependency that individuals and businesses have on connectivity as it saw many corporations shift to a work-from-home operating model and distanced technical capabilities had to adjust to meet the growing number of decentralised teams across the globe. 

While telecommunications has been around for centuries, it takes a major shift in operations to understand just how critical the service is and, equally important, how vulnerable it can be. To sustain a business in the digital world requires the correct expertise to get teams online, but also the ability to protect them from the vulnerabilities that come from extended digital ecosystems. 

This is where Vodafone Business’ role begins: with a recognition that digital adoption – particularly among small businesses – left a void that could easily be filled with cyber threats and ransomware attempts. In comes the cybersecurity team at Vodafone Business, led by Andrzej Kawalec, head of cybersecurity and responsible for the telecom giant’s cybersecurity portfolio, helping companies minimise exposure to threats.


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