CrowdStrike & HPE: Unifying IT and Security for Secure AI

By unifying IT operations and cybersecurity, organisations can monitor and secure their AI infrastructure
CrowdStrike and HPE are joining to integrate their Falcon platform and GreenLake cloud and OpsRamp AIOps to give an overview of AI infrastructure

IT and Cybersecurity have taken a step to securing the attack surface as CrowdStrike and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a new partnership to integrate their platforms.

This will see CrowdStrike's Falcon cybersecurity platform work with HPE's GreenLake cloud and OpsRamp AIOps, enabling organisations to seamlessly unify IT operations and cybersecurity into a single, unified process.

This integration represents a significant step forward in addressing the critical need for robust security measures as organisations increasingly adopt and deploy AI technologies across their operations. 

Why it's needed

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The adoption of things like AI and cloud computing has opened up new surfaces for attack that organisations need to contend with. 

This diffusion of data has made it hard for the security staff to have an overview of their operations, with a Gigamon report showing unseen attacks rising 20% year-on-year for this very reason. 

Equally, with many IT operations and cybersecurity teams operating in silos, this often leads to communication gaps and inefficiencies in addressing security threats. 

The CrowdStrike-HPE partnership aims to bridge this divide by providing a unified platform that consolidates IT operations and cybersecurity processes.

By integrating the Falcon platform's rich asset information with OpsRamp's AI-driven observability, organisations can gain a comprehensive understanding of their attack surface, encompassing both IT infrastructure and cybersecurity threats.

OpsRamp delivers a unified operational view of applications and infrastructure with full-stack observability, enabling comprehensive operations and automation for NVIDIA-accelerated computing and AI workloads from a single console.

Its Gen AI-powered conversational assistant, the operations copilot, enhances the efficiency of operations teams by facilitating rapid detection and remediation of issues.

This holistic approach empowers organisations to rapidly identify and eliminate security gaps within their AI pipelines, ensuring the resilience and integrity of their AI innovations.

Securing AI 

The partnership between CrowdStrike and HPE also encompasses HPE's co-developed portfolio of AI solutions and joint go-to-market integrations with NVIDIA, enabling enterprises to accelerate the adoption of Gen AI from edge to data centre to cloud. 

As enterprises increasingly seek to leverage the transformative potential of Gen AI technologies, they face the challenge of securely deploying and managing these advanced systems across their entire infrastructure, from edge devices to data centres and cloud environments. 

Therefore, a key offering in this portfolio is HPE Private Cloud AI, a first-of-its-kind solution that deeply integrates NVIDIA AI computing, networking, and software with HPE's AI storage, compute, and the HPE GreenLake cloud.

By unifying IT operations and cybersecurity, organisations can proactively monitor and secure their AI infrastructure, ensuring the integrity and resilience of their AI models and outputs. 

This integrated approach enables organisations to identify and mitigate potential security risks across the entire AI lifecycle, from data ingestion to model training and deployment.

By unifying IT operations and cybersecurity, organisations can embrace the transformative power of AI while safeguarding their data, processes, and intellectual property from emerging cyber threats.


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