OEC: Digital resilience through cybersecurity governance

Jad Elsohemy, VP of Technology & Innovation at OEC, discusses the importance of effective cybersecurity governance when protecting critical infrastructure

Delivering energy and infrastructure services to customers throughout Canada, OEC offers innovative products and services across the infrastructure, energy, gas and electricity distribution and telecommunications sectors.

With over 2,500 employees, insightful and reliable energy and infrastructure solutions are provided to clients coast-to-coast. As Jad Elsohemy, OEC’s Vice President of Technology and Innovation, explains, protecting all of this critical infrastructure and ensuring the safety of communities has become a paramount concern.

His role today encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including the operations, maintenance, planning, prototyping, and development of many technology systems integral to OEC's operations.

Like many organisations today, OEC faces its fair share of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Prioritising cybersecurity investments in the face of an ever-expanding list of needs is always a challenge, so to overcome this, OEC relies on rigorous risk assessments. 

Another challenge is instilling a culture of cybersecurity where every employee understands their responsibility in safeguarding the organisation. OEC addresses this by implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training programme, which is tailored to specific job functions.

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