Gabor Szentivanyi

Gabor Szentivanyi

Chief Information Officer at Kymera International

Kymera International
Gabor Szentivanyi, CIO of leading specialty material manufacturer Kymera International, elucidates how digital prowess achieves multi-industry impacts

What happens when an international technology catalyst – itself composed of many companies – undergoes its own technological transformation, and makes that transformation the heart of its processes?

Kymera International is a leading specialty material manufacturer, focused on the production of diverse particles and special alloys for a perfusion of technology requirements with truly global applications.

The company's core activity involves atomising different metals to create small particles used in powder metallurgy – which serve as the building blocks for manufacturing alloys, pastes and other materials that meet specific client needs – across a multitude of industries.

One of Kymera's distinguishing features is its ability to provide a customised mix of products tailored to the unique requirements of its clients.

Whether the need is for high RPM, extreme temperature tolerance, rigidity or flexibility, Kymera leverages its research and development capabilities to create alloys and powder mixtures that fulfil these demands.

Their products find applications in a wide range of industries, including metallurgy, medical, aerospace, defence and electronics.

Kymera’s reach: Truly global

Kymera International operates through two major lines of business: engineered materials and surface technologies.

Under the engineered materials segment, the company provides specialised materials to meet specific requirements. In the surface technologies segment, Kymera International combines its material expertise with advanced surface treatment technologies to offer comprehensive solutions that enhance the functionality and durability of materials.

With 16 sites worldwide, Kymera International is a global player in the industry. The company's extensive network includes nine North American sites and seven overseas sites, all working together to form the unified entity that is Kymera International. This global presence allows the company to leverage its diverse resources and expertise to serve clients around the world effectively.

Creating innovation and value in every particle

Kymera International's vision is rooted in creating innovation and value in every particle it produces. The company takes great pride in its ability to manufacture tiny, precise, high-quality particles.

“With a strong emphasis on quality control and continuous improvement, Kymera International ensures that each particle is produced with the utmost competence and advanced technology,” says Gabor Szentivanyi, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Kymera International.

Szentivanyi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. With a professional journey spanning more than two decades, Szentivanyi's career has been primarily focused on the manufacturing industry. His passion for creating tangible products and his love for IT led him to pursue a path in manufacturing, where he could witness the physical output of his work.

Szentivanyi's journey in manufacturing began in 1998 and, since then, he has dedicated a significant portion of his career to working with companies involved in the manufacturing of various products.

How big data analytics are powering Kymera’s transformation

In leveraging big data analytics, Kymera International has embarked on a transformative journey to streamline its operations and enable data-driven decision-making.
Recognising the limitations of its previous approach, Kymera International has embarked on a transformative journey to leverage big data analytics in its operations. 

“When I first joined as CIO, I observed that the company had multiple independent enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems spread across its entities,” explains Szentivanyi. “Each facility operated with its own set of specifications and requirements, resulting in fragmented data management.”

The next 12 to 18 months

Looking ahead, Kymera International anticipates further acquisitions, both in North America and overseas. The company aims to maximise the utilisation of its data warehouse and Power BI dashboarding automation, transitioning from traditional spreadsheets to comprehensive global insights.

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