Norton Small Business: Protection against phishing threats

Gen’s new offering, Norton Small Business, will offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to tackle phishing and cyber threats for small businesses

Norton, a cyber safety brand under Gen, has launched Norton Small Business, which is designed to address phishing challenges against small businesses head-on. Acting as an all-in-one cybersecurity solution, it aims to offer 24/7 antivirus protection, providing entrepreneurs with essential tools to safeguard their financial future.

According to insights by Norton, scams and phishing make up 82% of online threats for small businesses in the UK in 2023, yet many lack the budget and tools to protect themselves. In particular, global studies found that in the first half of 2023 alone, email-based phishing attacks surged 464% in comparison to 2022.

Preventing cyber scams from overpowering small businesses

Small businesses (SMBs) often run with minimal IT support, and cybercriminals recognise this vulnerability. These scams are not only persistent but increasingly sophisticated, putting businesses of all sizes at risk. 

Norton Small Business is designed to be the all-in-one cybersecurity solution to help ensure entrepreneurs and small business owners are equipped to protect their financial futures. While nearly 90% of businesses globally are small businesses, many lack the means to protect their digital environments the way larger enterprises do. Norton Small Business is designed to make triple-lock protection accessible for small businesses to safeguard online activities, devices and customer data.

“Owning a very small business often means each member of the team wears different hats, and usually a cybersecurity expert isn’t one of them,” says Massimo Rapparini, General Manager & Head of Small Business Safety at Gen. “Unfortunately, cybercriminals are aware of this and often target such businesses. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, falling for just one phishing email could have a devastating impact.”

Priorities: Cybersecurity taking centre stage for small businesses

With a rapidly growing barrage of scams and phishing threats, small businesses are often targeted more and increasingly vulnerable to attack. According to data from Gen, cyber threats that rely on manipulating people account for the majority (82%) of attacks on small businesses in the UK. 

Threats include emails trying to trick the victim into clicking a link or transferring money (phishing), which has quickly become the most common way cybercriminals try to access small business systems, private data, financials and intellectual property.

Businesses with under 10 employees often lack appropriate IT support, putting companies at great risk if cyberattacks are successful. In 2022 alone, cyber-crime cost UK businesses an average of £4200.  

It has been designed to help small businesses keep cybersecurity simple with an all-in-one solution and will provide 24/7 cybersecurity protection and a variety of features, including secure browser, password manager and VPNs, as well as automated PC cleaning and optimisation.

Rapparini told Cyber Magazine: "In today's digital era, small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, but they're also under constant threat. Our latest research reveals an alarming statistic: a staggering 82% of online threats facing UK small businesses are scams and phishing attacks. These businesses often lack the resources and expertise to defend against these threats.

“The statistics speak for themselves; small businesses with fewer than 10 employees often lack dedicated IT support, which puts them at a higher risk of falling victim to cyberattacks. In 2022, cybercrime cost UK businesses an average of £4200, a significant burden that we aim to alleviate.”

He continues: “With Norton Small Business, we're on a mission to level the playing field. Our all-in-one cybersecurity solution is designed to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners. It provides robust protection for their online activities, devices, and critical customer data.

“Think of Norton Small Business as your personal IT department, providing 24/7 protection, a Secure Browser, Password Manager, VPN, and more. We're here to simplify cybersecurity, so you can focus on business growth.”



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