Versa Networks LAN to offer Zero Trust and IoT security

Versa Networks will provide the user, IoT device and application awareness combined with a centralised policy that gives enterprises full visibility and control across the network
Versa Networks is working to transform its networks with a software-defined local area network (LAN) to natively provide Zero Trust and IoT security

Versa Networks has announced the industry’s first software-defined branch and campus local area network (LAN) solution to deliver Zero Trust and Internet of Things (IoT) security natively at the LAN Edge: Versa SD-LAN.

The global AI and machine learning Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) leader hopes that offering this software-defined approach will make campus and branch networks more agile and integrated as Zero Trust works to improve the security posture.

In a global landscape that is seeing continued data breaches and an increase in cyber crime, increasing numbers of businesses are looking to Net Zero solutions as a new way to protect data and essential services in a reliable and flexible way.

Zero Trust principles working to protect attack surface areas

Businesses have continually grappled with the limitations of traditional solutions and, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these no longer meet the evolving business needs of a secure enterprise.

Traditional approaches that implicitly trust authenticated users do not meet Zero Trust principles, as compromised users and devices can access all resources on the network. The rise of IoT devices inside the network further expands the unsecured internal attack surface area. 

With hybrid working patterns remaining the norm and as increasing numbers of employees access resources from outside a network, access can no longer be granted based on location. As a result, the Zero Trust framework has become a new solution for enterprise security.

Large technology companies like Palo Alto Networks have also adopted greater Zero Trust frameworks within their strategies, with its services purpose-built within the cloud to protect hybrid workforces and secure access to sensitive data, whilst limiting risk.

Versa Secure SD-LAN offers a modern approach to the LAN for agility and security. The solution consists of software deployed on certified Ethernet switches and access points that natively combines switching, routing, security and network services to software define the LAN.

The solution is designed to co-exist and interoperate with campus or branch LAN products from other vendors, extending Versa’s Unified SASE platform capabilities into the LAN Edge.

Versa Networks will provide the user, IoT device and application awareness combined with a centralised policy that gives enterprises full visibility and control across the network. This approach enables every switch and access point to become a Zero Trust enforcement point that continually assesses the posture of users, devices and the network to identify internal and external threats and ultimately stop the spread of potential attacks.

Reviewing existing systems to better enhance security

The Ethernet capabilities switch deliver line rate L2, L3, VXLAN and L4-7 security including firewall, application identification, adaptive micro-segmentation, IoT fingerprinting and inline ZTNA. 

Similarly, Versa Zero Trust offers a secure access solution that extends the same ZTNA principles used for remote workers to those that are on-premises. Consistent and granular policies are enforced based on not just identity but also a continuous assessment of user, device and network posture.

Security Evangelist Jonathan Taylor explains this solution more in-depth here:

Youtube Placeholder

Versa Networks will also utilise AI and machine learning as part of these updates to continuously assess user behaviour with entity behaviour analytics and device posture to identify potential threats and isolate into micro-segments in real time. It is also able to offer potential threats that are closest to the host and limit the radius of a possible attack.

A shared set of fine-tuned AI/ML engines natively can be integrated into the platform and embedded into the LAN to identify malicious behaviours in real time and enhance network and security operational excellence. The solution is managed through a unified console with a unified policy repository and data lake to reduce complexity and enhance visibility.

“Versa has continued to lead the industry in delivering secure software-defined solutions with SD-WAN and Unified SASE,” said Apurva Mehta, Co-Founder and CTO for Versa Networks. 

“Now we are the first to fully software define and secure the Enterprise LAN with a modern approach. With Versa Secure SD-LAN, we are transforming the campus and branch and bringing in-line Zero Trust, automation and unmatched control and visibility to the Enterprise LAN.”


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