SailPoint Boosts Atlas's Access Control with Risk Connectors

SailPoint's Risk Connectors will get risk scores from CrowdStrike, Proofpoint, and Elevate Security and use it to augment access control of Atlas

Software company SailPoint has announced a new feature on its Atlas platform to aid its customers make better decisions on granting access to third parties. 

Dubbed SailPoint Risk Connectors, the offering will draw risk scores information from third-party cybersecurity vendors - CrowdStrike, Proofpoint, and Elevate Security - and incorporate it into their identity security programmes.

"By integrating these insights into SailPoint's Atlas platform, organisations gain a holistic view to make more informed access decisions, fortify their overall security posture, and streamline how they adapt to evolving threats,” explain D.J. Long, VP of Strategic Alliances and Business Development at Proofpoint.

This integration of third-party vendor’s risk scores being assigned to identities with access allows the organisations to use automation procedures to adapt access according to risk, ensure least-privilege access, and enhance their overall security posture in a fast way to see off a gap before it can be exploited. 

"Our customers tell us that incorporating a real-time view of risk is a top priority for their identity security programmes,” said Grady Summers, SailPoint’s EVP of Product. “We believe SailPoint Atlas provides all of the capabilities to utilise these risk scores from our partners to drive action that helps keep our customers’ data secure."

Summary of risk information across multiple identities

Scoring a risk scorecard 

What is a risk scorecard
  • A risk score is a quantitative measure that assesses the potential risk posed by an entity, such as an individual user, a device, or an organisation, and is typically calculated based on various factors that contribute to the overall risk level. Threat intelligence feeds, security event logs, user behaviour analytics, and vulnerability assessments all can contribute to a score, and in Risk Connectors’ context, can automatically trigger workflows to disable or suspend access, or initiate an access recertification process should there be changes.

Third-party threats

The launch of SailPoint Risk Connectors comes at a time when the cybersecurity landscape is increasingly complex, particularly concerning third-party risks. 

Recent studies by BlackBerry and SecurityScorecard have underscored the vulnerabilities that arise from supply chain interactions. SecurityScorecard's study revealed that 12% of UK companies experienced a direct breach in the past year, while a staggering 97% of the largest companies reported breaches within their third-party ecosystems.

“How a company monitors and manages cybersecurity in their software supply chain has to rely on more than just trust,” said Keiron Holyome, VP of UKI & Emerging Markets at BlackBerry. “IT leaders must tackle the lack of visibility as a priority.” 

Threat landscape

These findings highlight the critical importance of third-party risk management. Will Gray, Director of Northern Europe for SecurityScorecard, noted, "Third-party risk management is a key component of any robust cybersecurity program, and the companies represented in this report would benefit by making it a priority."

Similarly, BlackBerry's research indicated that 74% of software supply chains, which again see multiple organisations involved, were exposed to cyberattacks in the last twelve months, with significant financial, data, and reputational impacts. 

The introduction of SailPoint Risk Connectors is a significant step forward in addressing the challenges posed by third-party risks. 

By leveraging real-time risk data from leading cybersecurity vendors, SailPoint's Atlas platform empowers organisations to make more informed access decisions, thereby enhancing their overall security posture. 

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, risk scorecards and access management could stand to play an increasing role in cyber defence.


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