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The ongoing threat of ransomware in business

As ransomware threats persist, it is now more important than ever for companies to secure their applications and bolster their security defences

Can AI help defend against data poisoning attacks?

As technologists predict that AI and data poisoning could be the next cyber security crisis, we take a deeper look at this and outline the potential risks

How can companies combat cyber attacks with deep learning?

Deep Instinct’s VP of Research and Deep Learning Shimon Oren discusses the company, its work with AI, deep learning and cyber security

Proofpoint: protecting customers with the right approach

Deborah Watson, Proofpoint’s Resident CISO, discusses the company’s values and how it supports the University of Oklahoma with cyber defences

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Securing Belron’s future with a robust cyber defence suite

As it continues on its digital transformation journey, Belron’s Anthony Foust explains how the company’s cyber capabilities are leading the way


The City of Portland: transforming lives with data insights

As the world opens back up, the City of Portland adopts a data-driven approach and next-generation cyber security to improve the lives of its communities


TCS: creating a holistic approach to cyber security

Narayan Sharma, Identity Access Management Lead for TCS outlines how the company has utilised technology to respond to the rise in cyberattacks


CIISec: Adapting to the new digitalised world of cyber crime

The Chartered Institute of Information Security provides a platform for its members to develop and harness skills in cyber and information security

Interviews by Catherine Gray

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Anthony Foust

Global Chief Information Security Officer at Belron


Christopher Paidhrin

Senior Information Security Officer, City of Portland


Narayan Sharma

Global Head, IAM, TCS Cyber Security, Tata Consultancy Services


Amanda Finch


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Anthony Foust, Global Chief Information Security Officer


Christopher Paidhrin, Senior Information Security Officer


TCS and Ikano Bank: partners at the edge