Christopher Paidhrin, Senior Information Security Officer

As the world opens back up from the pandemic, the City of Portland adopts a data-driven approach to improve the lives of those who live there

Located in the Northwest of the U.S. at the juncture of the Willamette and the Columbia River, Portland serves the needs of its community with over 25 departments focused on public services and liveability improvements across the city.

The City of Portland has been identified as an early pioneer in municipal open data policymaking, being one of the first cities or states, in 2009, to advance the strategy and the second city or state to adopt a formal policy and program in 2014.

The city’s Smart City initiative aligns with the city’s core mission to adopt 21st century technologies. Paying attention to the needs of its community at every level, the City of Portland holds community forums, provides surveys, and embarks on community outreach to understand what the communities want and how technology can play a role in that.

Looking to execute best practices to leverage information for new community services, Portland takes all the data from these community initiatives to provide intelligence to the community via apps, services and outreach that improves the quality of their lives.

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