Google Securing WFH with Zscaler and Netskope Partnership

No longer were staff working on-site where companies controlled the security of their networks
Google has added the expertise of Zscaler and Netskope into its Workspace Security Alliance to bolster the security issues created from work from home

Google has added into the fold Zscaler and Netskope into its Workspace Security Alliance in increased efforts to bolster the security issues created from the work-from-home revolution.

By including them into the alliance, IT security company Zscaler and cybersecurity software company Netskope will offer additional layers of data security and protection for Google Workspace users.

Offerings being added

Key features
  • Inline and API-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for all Workspace apps, including Google Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, Gmail, Meet, and Calendar
  • Tenant restrictions and granular, Workspace-instance control that help keep work and personal data separate. This provides workers with different levels of access to personal Gmail vs work Gmail accounts
  • Integration with the Drive Labels API, which allows users to apply a label to a file for classification, security, and data protection purposes

Why the Workspace Security Alliance?

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The Google Workspace Security Alliance is a strategic partnership between Google and leading cybersecurity providers, aimed at offering organizations enhanced security and data protection for their Google Workspace applications.

This alliance integrates industry-leading security solutions with Google Workspace, enabling customers to augment the built-in security features of Workspace with best-of-breed third-party tools tailored to their specific needs.

It emerged at a time when organisations increasingly adopted work-from-home and hybrid work policies following the Covid pandemic, a new data security need emerged. 

No longer were staff working on-site where companies controlled the security of their networks.

Therefore, a race to adopt cloud technologies to accommodate this, was on. Yet, organisations then faced the challenge of securing sensitive data from these new myriad of cyber risks. 

Without on-site IT support, security patches may not be available, or employees may fail to install them. Additionally, the proliferation of shadow IT, where employees use unauthorised information technology services, systems, software, devices, and applications, further complicates the security landscape.

The potential threats of which include unauthorised account access, disruptive ransomware attacks, and the loss of sensitive information, which create substantial operational, financial, legal, and reputational risks.

Also is the risks of the growing number of users uploading sensitive data to personal cloud applications, evolving threat techniques such as the abuse of applications for critical data access, and the compromise of credentials to access business data. 

Additionally, with the boom in AI, the insecure use of both managed and unmanaged AI-based productivity tools poses significant data exposure risks.

This partnership with Google Workspace is designed to address these challenges by enabling the secure use of AI-based productivity tools. 

Zscaler and Netskope's experience

The Netskope One Platform, for instance, offers advanced data loss prevention (DLP) techniques, providing real-time visibility and control over users, data, and cloud instances.

"Together, Netskope and Google Workspace can help customers modernise their productivity stack,” said Andy Horwitz, VP, Global Partner Ecosystems, Netskope. “We look forward to helping customers safely optimise their employees' daily productivity."

Equally, with Zscaler being a pioneer zero trust security, its cloud-native platform can aid organisations keep their networks secure by checking what is trying to connect into their network rather than blindly allowing it access just because of previous access. 

“We are happy to be part of the security alliance with Workspace,” said Raveesh Chugh, Global VP of Hyperscaler Partnerships, Zscaler. “IT teams and security professionals are looking for flexible solutions - Workspace offers that with its strategic partnerships.” 

Netskope and Zscaler join the alliance of leading security providers, including Palo Alto Networks, CrowdStrike, Okta, Jumpcloud, and Thales.


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