Why Deloitte has Joined Tenable on Exposure Management

Exposure management is a proactive cybersecurity strategy focused
Tenable and Deloitte have announced the formation of an alliance to offer exposure management solutions to their shared customers

Cybersecurity leader Tenable and the world’s largest professional services network Deloitte have announced the formation of an alliance to offer advanced exposure management solutions. 

The announcement detailed how they will aim to help clients manage cyber risks more effectively by leveraging Tenable’s advanced exposure management capabilities. 

This will be achieved by integrating Tenable One Exposure Management Platform, Tenable Cloud Security, and Tenable OT Security into Deloitte’s portfolio, providing comprehensive solutions for IoT and OT cyber risk management security solutions into its offerings for its clients.

The raft of offerings will afford comprehensive visibility of attack surfaces, both on-premise and cloud-based, in a single view; predictive and prioritised actions based on the likelihood of an attack, leveraging over 211,000 Nessus plugins, and Effective communication of cyber risk to stakeholders and clear KPIs to track progress over time.

“As a platform-first company, we strive to offer cybersecurity solutions that unite data, simplify risk assessment and take the guesswork out of risk reduction by putting critical context and actionable insights front and centre,” said Jeff Brooks, Senior VP, Global Channels and Business Development at Tenable. 

“By collaborating with Deloitte, organisations will be able to use preventive security measures to better understand their cyber risks and help resolve issues before they can be exploited by threat actors.”

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Evaluating exposure management

Exposure management is a proactive cybersecurity strategy focused on identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks to digital security. 

It involves continuous monitoring of an organisation’s IT systems, networks, software, and applications to detect emerging vulnerabilities and threats. 

This approach helps organisations understand their overall cyber security posture and take preventive measures to protect digital assets and data.

Identification of exposed assets involves cataloguing all digital assets, including web applications, APIs, IoT/OT devices, and cloud resources. 

Attack surface mapping helps understand how each asset is vulnerable to exploitation. Risk assessment evaluates the risks associated with each asset based on sensitivity, likelihood of exploitation, and potential impact. 

Exposure prioritisation determines which vulnerabilities need immediate attention. Exposure mitigation implements measures to eliminate or reduce risks. Continuous monitoring keeps track of the attack surface and emerging vulnerabilities.

Importance of exposure management

Exposure management is crucial for several reasons. It shifts the focus from reactive to proactive security, allowing organisations to anticipate and mitigate risks before they can be exploited. 

This proactive approach is becoming increasingly important as the cyber threat landscape proliferates with increasingly sophisticated attacks augmented by AI. 

Equally, as organisations adopt new technologies like AI, and expand their IT infrastructure to meet it, new vulnerabilities and attack vectors emerge. 

A proactive partnership

Given the evolving cyber landscape, and with the cost of a exposure ranging from millions of dollars, to loss of trust and regulatory punishment, the  Deloitte’s decision to integrate Tenable’s solutions is timely and strategic. 

Will Burns, Deloitte’s US Cyber Detect & Respond Adversary Pursuit Leader and MD, said the company “We look forward to Deloitte and Tenable’s shared clients finding new ways to understand their exposure data and to quickly mitigate risks impacting their specific environments.”

By leveraging Tenable’s advanced exposure management capabilities, Deloitte is aiming to help clients proactively manage their cyber risks and ensure better protection against emerging threats that will become increasingly present as they expand their operations. 


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