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How Abnormal Security protects workforces from email attacks

We take a look at Abnormal Security, an AI-based cloud email security platform that protects the modern workforce against email attacks

Cyber attacks are prompting growing bankruptcy fears

As the frequency of cyber attacks continues to increase, businesses are warning of the damages they are causing, both financially and reputationally

How Critical Start aims to simplify breach prevention

As enterprise faces ever-growing multi-vector cyber-attacks, we take a look at Critical Starts Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions

KnowBe4: Helping businesses make smarter security decisions

As cyber crime continues to show no sign of slowing, we take a look at how KnowBe4 is helping organisations be more resilient through its security training

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Top 10 cyber security companies: APAC

As demand for cyber security defences grows, we take a look at 10 of the top security companies in the APAC region

Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

As cyber threats grow, many companies are turning to Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) to offer an efficient and cost-effective security solution


Top 10 penetration testing tools for cyber professionals

We look at 10 different penetration testing tools, that seek out vulnerabilities in your system before a hacker which can be essential to keeping data safe

Top 10 face recognition apps

From unlocking a device to identifying criminals biometrics technology has become an important topic. We take a look 10 of the top face recognition apps