10 Cybersecurity Companies Powered by AI

We look at 10 examples of Cybersecurity organisations boosting their capabilities with Artificial Intelligence

According to a recent report from Security giant McAfee, global losses from cybercrime now total over $1trillion USD, an increase of more than 50% since 2018. 

In response, the cybersecurity industry has scrambled to utilise every tool available to meet this challenge, bringing about a new wave of AI-Powered solutions. Cyber Magazine looks at 10 organisations that are deploying AI to keep the hackers on their toes.


10: Tessian


London-based Tessian uses AI to construct customisable email filters that can detect and eradicate suspicious activity both inbound and outbound. With a real-time dashboard, Tessian’s users can keep track of their organisation’s integrity instantly.


9: Vectra


Vectra’s Cognito platform combines human intelligence, data science, and machine learning to accelerate threat detection in real-time. Additionally, Cognito automates tasks that would normally be carried out by analysts reducing the time it takes to investigate threats. 


8: Check Point


Check Point’s solutions are widely used around the world by both Enterprises and Governments. Intellistore, Check Point’s fully customisable platform, provides one of the most comprehensive and intuitive one-point control systems available, which allows their users to choose real-time threat intelligence that suits their specific needs.


7: FireEye


California’s FireEye provides threat intelligence technology that gives context and assigns priority to attacks, proactively defending against future threats. Founded in 2004 FireEye believes that a combination of hands-on expertise combined with innovative technology such as AI is the best way to protect its customers.


6: Symantec


Now a part of semiconductor giant Broadcom, Symantec helps a wide range of organisations defend their infrastructures against threats. Its cloud-based platform allows security teams to prioritise issues by providing context which in turn helps them to implement methods of defence. 


5: Versive


Versive has been recognized on CB Insights’ prestigious AI 100 list of the most promising, privately-held artificial intelligence companies. Their Security Engine uses AI to differentiate critical risks from normal activity which, in turn, helps it to identify chains of activity that typically result in an attack. This enables an organisation's security team to formulate the means to get ahead of potential threats


4: Palo Alto Networks


Cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks prides itself on continuous innovation by seizing the opportunities created by breakthroughs in AI, Analytics and Automation. Their integrated platform protects tens of thousands of organisations across networks, Cloud and mobile devices in more than 150 countries. 


3. Crowdstrike


Crowdstrike provides cloud-native endpoint protection software. Their platform, Falcon, goes beyond simple threat detection by automatically investigating anomalies removing the guesswork from threat analysis. Crowdstrike counts three of the ten largest global companies by revenue among its clients. 


2: Fortinet


The Fortinet Security Fabric platform secures the many of the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organisations around the world. Their AI-based product, FortiWeb, is a firewall that utilises machine learning and two layers of statistical probabilities to detect threats with unrivaled accuracy.


1: Darktrace


Developed by Mathematicians, UK-based Darktrace is a world leader in Autonomous Cyber AI. Darktrace uses self-learning AI to detect and neutralise threats across networks, Cloud and IoT. Darktrace’s solutions have helped thousands of companies in a wide range of industries fight cyber threats in real-time.   




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