Top 10 CISOs in APAC

Cyber Magazine considers some of the leading CISOs across APAC who are committed to ensuring their respective companies have robust security strategies

A CISO must manage and oversee the development, implementation and enforcement of cybersecurity strategies and protocols within a business in order to protect critical company data.

Currently, there is a strong need for businesses to protect critical operations in the midst of increased cyberattacks, making this role more vital than ever. CISOs ultimately oversee the implementation of necessary technologies that are designed to mitigate risk from threat actors.

Cyber Magazine highlights some of the leading CISOs across the APAC region who are working to improve cybersecurity measures within their respective companies, as well as ensuring that the data of their customers remains secure.

10. Christoph Strizik, CISO, Origin Energy

Christoph Strizik, CISO, Origin Energy

Based in Australia, Christoph Strizik is known for transforming security and technology capabilities in large organisations by building business-aligned high-performance teams. His experience spans many sectors such as top tier technology, financial services, energy, consulting organisations, and wide geographic coverage across APAC. 

Strizik currently works as CISO for Origin Energy, where he has built an award-winning, diverse, inclusive and highly engaged cybersecurity team. He believes that digitisation and moving to the cloud represents an opportunity for businesses to uplift security and safety culture through new insights.

9. Chee Lung Yuen, CISO, AIA Malaysia

An innovative and proactive IT leader with more than 16 years of experience in overseeing high impact infrastructure, Chee Lung Yuen is responsible for managing security and project management within complex multi-nation IT environments. He holds extensive knowledge in technical solution design and engineering to help businesses achieve technology goals. 

Throughout his career, he has spearheaded more than 150 key projects for customers with a value of more than US$60m. Prior to his role as CISO, Chee Lung Yuen worked for companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Shell I.T. Services

8. Jason Lau, CISO,

Jason Lau, CISO,

With more than 23 years of consulting experience for Fortune 200 companies, Jason Lau has worked across management consulting, cybersecurity, data privacy, risk, compliance and IT governance. His work at as CISO currently sees him managing global cybersecurity and data privacy strategy within the company, helping it to execute new ways to ensure data protection.

Prior to joining, Lau also worked as a cybersecurity expert for organisations such as the World Economic Forum, ISACA and FS-ISAC.

7. Ram Prasad. K, CISO - India, Thales

With more than 22 years of experience in cybersecurity, Ram Prasad. K is CISO for Thales’ division in India. Having extensive knowledge of industry best practices and emerging threats, he works to solidify the company’s end-to-end organisational security objectives considering security, privacy and regulatory needs.

He also works to design and implement robust cybersecurity strategies to protect critical assets, as well as mitigate risks, within business. With Thales, he proposes security enhancements, assessments and helps identify vulnerabilities or gaps to improve overall infrastructure security.

6. Salvador Guarino Jr., CISO, PwC Philippines

Image: Credly

Based in the Philippines, Salvador Guarino Jr. is a certified CISO with a history of working in information security, cybersecurity, vulnerability assessment and pen testing. 

Having worked at PwC in the Philippines for nearly 10 years, Guarino’s goal is to protect and enhance the value of the company’s information assets and reputation. In addition, he works to empower and educate PwC Philippines clients, staff and stakeholders on the latest trends and best practices in cybersecurity and information security.

5. Andre Shori, CISO, Schneider Electric

Andre Shori, CISO, Schneider Electric

Having worked as CISO for Schneider Electric in Singapore since 2019, Andre Shori holds responsibility for the company’s IT and OT cybersecurity programme for one of the world's largest multinational manufacturers of energy management and distribution products and services across the APAC region.

His career has spanned 30 years, first starting as a tech support engineer and then moving to network engineering where he developed a keen interest in cybersecurity. Shori has since been part of a broad range of global security teams across a variety of industries, including transportation, non-profits, technology and manufacturing.

4. Stephanie Liew, CISO, BAT

Stephanie Liew, CISO, BAT

Currently serving as CISO at BAT, Stephanie Liew is passionate about developing a high performance team and bringing energy into any environment that she enters. With more than 23 years of experience in providing security leadership and advice to executive management teams, she is able to align businesses with security needs to ensure that they are operating successfully.

Liew was recently one of the winners of the CSO30 ASEAN Awards 2023 as one of the top cybersecurity leaders.

3. Jonathan Symes, CISO - AMEA - BT Group

Jonathan Symes, CISO - AMEA - BT Group

Having worked for BT Group in Australia since June 2023, Jonathan Symes is an experienced CISO having worked for a broad range of high-level organisations in the APAC region, including the Royal Marines, Australian Army and Hewlett-Packard, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America

Symes holds a background in ICT that spans some of the most challenging environments and positions. He holds a first-hand wealth of knowledge in information technology, security and management. With BT Group, he now oversees business continuity in relation to response and crisis management for the company.

2: Surrey Mui, APAC CISO, Credit Suisse

Image: Digital Finance

Surrey Mui is Credit Suisse’s APAC CISO, having held the position since 2018. Her priorities within Credit Suisse include security for all aspects of information and data, chatbots, identity controls and who can access information and how.

In addition, she oversees risk assessments and ensures that the company stays on top of ever-changing regulations, as well as protecting the business from cyber threats - both internal and external.

Prior to this role, she has previously held cybersecurity positions for financial companies, including BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Scotland and J.P. Morgan.

1. Lucius Lobo, CISO, Tech Mahindra

Having worked at Tech Mahindra for more than 25 years, Lucius Lobo is responsible for the company’s information and cybersecurity, business continuity and data protection as CISO. He worked to co-found the cybersecurity practice at the company, which is now the fifth largest Indian IT and ITES services provider.

Tech Mahindra’s cybersecurity portfolio covers advisory, system integration, security assurance and managed services for businesses and governments worldwide. Lobo’s role is to ensure the safety and security of the business from internal and external cyber threats and ensuring that all services are free from defects. In addition, as the business changes from a services to a digital model, he assists in ensuring that information security controls are embedded in company platforms and IP.


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